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    This Mom Caught Her Little Girl Turning Her Baby Sister Into A Zebra With A Permanent Marker

    "I love being zebras!"

    Amy Herrmann knew her kids were up to no good when it was unusually silent in the house. She looked for her kids, only to discover her 3-year-old had drawn on her 18-month-old sister with permanent marker to turn her "into a zebra."

    Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook: amy.herrmann.14

    The Australian mom filmed the aftermath of her daughter Sovereign's art project on her sister Pippen and posted it on Facebook. It has since been viewed nearly 10 million times.

    When Hermann asked Sovereign what was going on, she was like, "DUH! Mom, the baby is a zebra now."

    She loves zebras, OK?!

    Hermann said that while she was frustrated Sovereign used a permanent marker, she was "secretly proud" of her daughter's artistic exploration.

    "I'm happy to see her creativity showing through, no matter the canvas," she said.

    As for Pippen, Hermann said the toddler is back to normal after "a long soak in the bath and some shampoo." She said she can't believe how many people have seen her video.

    "The amount of views have been mind-blowing, but I think it's been wonderful to see so many people getting so much joy from such a simple and innocent act," she said.

    Being zebras is the best.