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    Posted on Dec 30, 2014

    This Video Of A Cat Welcoming A New Dog Into The Home Is Absolutely Hilarious

    "Just when I think they have exhausted all means of insulting me." Now this.

    Henri, the existential cat, is a poet and an artist. And, as it turns out, he doesn't take too kindly to dogs.

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    Henri wasn't very excited to have a dog in the house.

    In fact, he was more than insulted.

    Right away it was apparent that they didn't see eye to eye.

    Henri, you see, has no respect for dogs, considering them to be "brutish creatures."

    And Henri just didn't understand the dog's "tricks" at all.

    However, Henri found it interesting how lost the dog was without humans around.

    Perhaps the dog would come in handy after all.

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