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Guys Try Waist Training For The First Time And It's Hilarious

"Is it supposed to make it harder to breathe?"

Cosmo had these unlucky men put on a corset and get their waist training on like true Kardashians.

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Waist training is a body modification process in which you wear a corset to achieve an hourglass figure.

These men did not seem too excited to give it a whirl.

There were some genuine medical concerns:

This guy was pretty sure it was a form of torture.

But when they saw their transformations, they were truly stunned!

"I should have rolls of fat coming out of my fingers. Where is it going?"

"My chest looks bigger, though. Hello ladies!"

"This is so bizarre looking."

"I actually feel a little bit more confident because I think my back really straightens out."

"I've had broken ribs and I prefer that over this."

"Call up NBC, I'm ready to do Gone With The Wind live."

In the end, though, this guy had some words of advice.