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    Women Pay More Than Men For Similar Products And It's Ridiculous

    The women's tax is a real thing.

    Did you know that women often pay more than men for things, even when it's a similar product? It's f*cked up. These brave people decided to put the "women's tax" to the test.

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    First they tested razors. The "women's" Schick was over $1 more!

    Next they found that "for him" cologne and "for her" perfume had nearly a $20 difference! WTH!

    And it's no better with moisturizer, even though these two products have the same ingredients list.

    Turns out haircuts cost more for women, too, even if the hair is the same length.

    At least there are stores like American Apparel with unisex pricing.

    But even when it's the same exact item, dry cleaners bump up the price for the "lady shirt."

    "This is ridiculous. Does everything pink cost more?" Yeah, actually.

    But it's not all bad. Healthcare used to have a "women's tax," with women paying over one billion dollars more in premiums. But in 2010 Obamacare banned gender pricing! At least we have that.

    In 1995 California did a study on gendered pricing, and found women pay $1,351 a year more for the same products. Unfortunately it looks like not much has changed.