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Seth Meyers Had A Bunch Of Dog Psychics Come On His Show To Talk To His Dog Frisbee And It's Amazing

"Oh, are you not aware that you're a dog?"

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Everyone who has a pet certainly tends to wonder what is going on in that little brain of theirs. Well, thanks to animal psychics, we can find out. Seth Meyers and his teeny greyhound decided to meet with a few to communicate a bit better.

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The first psychic they met with, Catherine Ferguson typically tries to connect with the animal's higher self.


"Well, I'll be very impressed if Frisbee has a higher self," Seth said.

After learning that Frisbee was happy, had no idea Seth was a celebrity, and wasn't keen on getting into a ground war with ISIS, they decided to find out how she felt about her wardrobe. Mostly, she liked her outfits...

Except for this one, to which she said, "you gotta be kidding me. This is ridiculous."

Next, Frisbee and Seth met with Sue Pike, who warned us that when she starts to channel her voice changes.

And OMG it sure did. She had a totally different accent and her voice probably went up two octaves!

Frisbee was feeling a little tired of talking by the time Christine Agro, who doesn’t talk to animals but rather looks at energy, came in. In this session, we learned that Frisbee thinks she's human.

The last dog psychic, Eileen Garfinkel, works with spirit guides and likes to give messages about the animal and the human. She told us that Frisbee and Seth have had many lives together.

They definitely learned a lot in that session! What a day!!

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