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Women Were Given A Jockstrap And Had No Idea What It Was

"I would say it's a crotch protector?"

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LOLPervs is back with another Sexperiment! In this episode, women were given a jockstrap and were told to guess what it could be. Some of them knew what it was right away, but others got pretty creative with their answers.

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Right off the bat, this woman knew what it was and didn't want to touch it.

While this woman immediately put it on her shoulder.

It looked like a slug and a boat...

...even like Bane's mask from The Dark Knight Rises!

After some deliberation, though, most of the women figured out what it was.


"It's plastic, so it's hard. So I think it's used in sport to protect your crotch."

Eventually, the women even gave it a whirl on a real-life human male!

So many lessons learned. What a day. What a world.