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Watch These Couples Try AcroYoga For The First Time And Totally Nail It

"It's like kamasutra, right?"

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Complex asked a bunch of different couples to try AcroYoga, a combination of acrobatics and yoga, and they actually did a pretty good job!

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AcroYoga is supposed to provide many physical and mental health benefits and also incorporates elements of trust and team building.

Before getting into it, the couples were asked what kinds of activities they like to do together. This couple kind of goes fishing.

While this couple fondles each other on the grass in the rain, as one does.

But this couple was honest about the most obvious activity of all.

They were then asked about their yoga experience, and everyone seemed to be fairly familiar.

It was time to give it a whirl! The first position was Plank on Plank.

When this couple decided on their formation, we got a little more insight into their relationship.

Even though it was "something different," they totally nailed it!

Not all the couples were as successful, but they still had fun with it.

Next was the Double Boat.

The couples were actually really good at this one!

This woman even told her boyfriend, "it's nice to see you from this angle!"

The next position was all about trust and counterbalance.

This one was tough!

But these guys were, once again, pros.

Finally, it was time for Front Bird, the Downward Dog of AcroYoga.

Again, we got a little more insight into the private lives of these couples.

Some of them were naturals!

While others...not so much.

But wow this couple is ready for Cirque du Soleil.

At the end of the day, though, all the couples seemed to learn a lot and had a blast.