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Conan And Billy Eichner Decided To Join Grindr And Had The Time Of Their Lives

"Should I show something?"

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Conan explored the world of Tinder a few months back, so this time around he decided to check out Grindr with Billy Eichner's help.

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When Conan asked Billy if he had any experience with Grindr, he made it clear that he's a fan.

Grindr's great because unlike Tinder, there's no pretense.

Still, Conan was hoping to meet a friend. But Billy shot him down quickly, insisting that gay men don't know who he even is.

The next step was creating a profile that really sold him. They wrestled with the idea of "Rich Ginger" or "Ginger Sugardaddy" but ultimately went with "Freckle Fucker."

"Does this look realistic on camera?"

Then, they got to flirting. Billy told Conan to be as direct as possible and that, "[circumcision] is going to come up right away."

The messages started pouring in. Turns out, most of the guys knew he was Conan!

Freckle Fucker was quite a hit!

It's safe to say, Conan was super pumped and feeling extremely confident after this brief Grindr experience.

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