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Clueless Guys Apply Women's Makeup For The First Time

"Did you just draw whiskers?"

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Cosmo asked a bunch of guys to apply makeup for the first time, and the results were hilarious.

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First was the foundation:

As it often goes with foundation application, this guy put a little too much on.

Next was concealer, which looked like a big crayon to the guys.


I mean, putting on makeup is kinda like arts 'n' crafts?

But the guys were having fun with it and going with their gut, even if they were making poor choices.

They got a little powder happy with blush...

And with bronzer, too...

Good thing this girl wanted it to look like she was covered in dirt.

Next up they had to apply the trickiest makeup of all: eyeliner. The guys were really learning a lot about themselves now.

And their techniques really varied...

After a little lipstick, the girls were ready to see their new looks!

What a transformation:

"I would never do this."

"I look like I got beat up."


"Check out that eyeliner!"

"It's really not that bad... It really is terrible."