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Watch These Three Babes Lip-Synch Their Way Through Decades Of Music

From Elvis, to Nirvana, to Britney Spears — and of course, Beyoncé.

You might remember the comedy trio SketchSHE from their rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" about a month ago. Well, they're back and just as spunky as ever. Buckle up, you're in for a treat.

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The musical journey starts in the 1940s with this cute look.

Suddenly, we're transported to the '50s with this epic Elvis impersonation. Look at those pouts and pompadours!

Just then, the women transform into helpless hippies in the '60s, mouthing along to The Beatles.

Next up is a little Queen reprise to kick off the 1970s.

Then they cover '80s pop with some Michael Jackson action.

The girls love that decade so much, they perform another '80s hit from Whitney Houston.

From there, they move on to the '90s, headbanging to Nirvana.

Next, things get smoky with Snoop and Dre.

Staying in 1999, the girls go a little cray with their Britney Spears reference.

But which one of them is the real Slim Shady?

Finally, we get kween Bey in the mix.

But the grand finale is a nude tribute to Miley Cyrus, of course! Keep rocking out in your car, ladies!