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    Aubrey Plaza Was On Conan Last Night And Couldn't Stop Talking About Penises

    Insert dick joke here.

    Apparently Aubrey's summer was full of penises.

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    Literally, these were her first words when Conan asked about her summer so far.

    As it turns out, all the penises came into her life via a bachelorette party.

    Aubrey was in charge of gathering the party favors and decorations, so naturally she went a little crazy with the penis paraphernalia.

    She said they had penis lollipops, hats, necklaces, and a very realistic cake, which she wasn't allowed to show on Conan because it's so gnarly.

    Basically, Aubrey seems like the best maid of honor anyone could ever hope to have.

    We could all learn a thing or two from her.

    Via Twitter: @evilhag