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After 12 Years, This Girl Finally Decided To Show Her Parents Her Tattoos

Your parents are probably cooler than you think!

This American Life's Videos 4 U finds people who are having trouble saying something and does it for them. In this episode, they helped Maggie reveal her tattoos to her unsuspecting, conservative Christian parents.

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Maggie's parents haven't seen her wear shorts in 10 years because her body is covered in secret tattoos.

Maggie believes that her parents, Linda and Randy, think that people who get tattoos "are people with motorcycles who probably dabble in drugs ... lowlifes."

Well, Linda and Randy, Maggie has 17 tattoos that she has been hiding for 12 years.

The first tattoos she got are actually pretty Christian: a cross, and a dove that represents the Holy Spirit.

In fact, all her tattoos have stories and are about the people she loves.

She even has a big tattoo on her side that says "Mom & Dad."

When asked if she was looking for forgiveness from her parents in making this video, Maggie admitted that she really just wanted to have a more honest relationship with them.

Maggie was so sure her parents were going to react one way to her tattoos, but they reacted totally differently.

Turns out, her parents have no problem with tattoos!

Maggie and her parents were able to have one of the best, most honest conversations she's ever had with them and, hopefully, this will only lead to a closer, more open relationship.