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This Scary Time Lapse From Space Reveal's Humanity's Global Footprint

The deforestation, water use, urban sprawl, and climate change is out of control.

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Vox put together this video using satellite footage from the last 40 years to show how humans have affected Earth. It's shocking how much damage has been done in such a relatively short amount of time.

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Landsat 1 is a NASA satellite that was launched on July 23, 1972 "with the express intent to study and monitor our planet’s landmasses." Decades later, we can use these images to observe our global footprint.

One of the most notable changes has to do with deforestation.


This area of Brazil has been badly deforested and "has lost enough trees to fill the state of W. Virginia."

The satellites also show a huge change in water use. The Aral Sea used to be larger than Lake Michigan, but most of it has been diverted for irrigation to cotton crops.

Pretty gnarly.

But perhaps the most devastating change of all has to do with climate change and melting ice.

That melted ice is actually what Mother Nature's tears are made of.

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