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A Bunch Of Millennials Lay In A Coffin And Talked About Their Ideal Funeral

"I would like to be buried in, like, a Tommy Bahama shirt and look like the chillest dude that ever lived on this Earth."

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Elite Daily gathered a bunch of millennials to lay in a coffin and think about the purpose of life.

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It was a little freaky how comfortable the coffin was.

And also, just, like, confronting your own mortality is pretty scary.

But it's also a great Instagram opportunity.

Once cozy, it was time to discuss their ~dream~ funeral.

This girl was hopping her friends and family would be passing bottles and blunts around at her funeral.

Whereas this guy would just really like Jay Z to read his eulogy.

From there, the conversation got a little bit more existential.

Most of the girls talked about how the purpose of life is to contribute...

...And make the world a little better.

Lastly, they discussed their regrets:

This guy wished he had traveled more, and this girl was upset she let fear take over.

Overall, it was a pretty heavy exercise that definitely had these millennials thinking about life in a very different way.