9 Videos You Definitely Need To See This Week

Featuring 2,269 balloons, the ultimate airport layover, and a pole-dancing clarinet player.

1. The Ol’ “Room Full Of Balloons” Prank

These guys pranked their roommate by filling his room with 2,269 balloons. His reaction was adorable. (5:25)

3. Dog Loves Leaf Blower More Than You Love Anything

Listen, this dog just loves the leaf blower and that’s that. And we love him for loving it. (1:26)

5. The Ultimate Airport Layover Music Video

This guy was stuck at the airport overnight. So naturally, he made a hilarious music video set to “All By Myself.” (5:20)

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/97634383.

7. Things Babies Do That’d Be Creepy If You Did Them

The Creep is back! And this time he’s a giant baby who can’t stop putting things in his mouth. (2:19)

9. A Jarring Look At Texting And Driving

Volkswagen tricked a movie audience into checking their phones. They learned a scary lesson about texting and driving. (1:24)

11. Watch This Young Man With A Disability React To Getting A New Job

With his million dollar smile and attitude, Nick is going to be the best employee. This video is everything good! (1:29)

13. Guy Shows Off His Pole Dancing AND Clarinet Skills

There has never been a better version of Jason Derulo’s “Wiggle.” On repeat for life. (0:17)

15. 1000 Daring People Eat Ghost Peppers For Fun

For fun?! Nope. (2:08)

17. Jimmy Fallon and Chris Christie Show Off Their Dad Moves

Finally a comprehensive video showing the evolution of dad dancing! Take notes. (2:45)

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