9 Videos To Check Out This Week

Featuring people getting tattoos for the first time, a cat riding a Roomba in a shark costume, and a Corgi getting a massage.

1. Nick Offerman Reads Deep Thoughts

“Technically, we’re all half centaur.” And other observations made even more amazing by Nick Offerman’s voice. (1:28)

3. True Facts About Marsupials

These animals are hiding something. Find out what it is! (6:44)

5. Tortoise Chases Toy Truck

Life isn’t always easy. We are all this tortoise forever chasing an unreachable remote-control truck. (0:35)

7. People Get Tattoos For The First Time

These people agreed to get their first tattoos on camera. Their reactions were pretty much perfect. Also: butts. (3:09)

9. Motorcyle Accident Ends In Awesome Recovery

The ending of this Russian dash cam video is like something straight out of an action movie. Wait for it. (0:33)

11. Oh, Just A Corgi Getting A Massage

That’s right: This is a video of a Corgi getting a massage. Nothing more, nothing less. (1:31)

13. The Foo Fighters Probably Win The Ice Bucket Challenge

We know, we know - you’ve all seen a million of these by now. But the Foo Fighters’ Carrie remake might be the best one yet. (3:09)

15. If Guy BFFs Acted Like Girl BFFs

This is what the world would look like if guy friends acted like girls. Basically, they’re obsessed with each other. (2:12)

17. And Finally, Your Blissfully Silly Moment Of Zen

A cat in a shark costume riding a Roomba while a baby in a shark costume watches. Trust us, you need this. (1:53)

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