9 Videos Not To Be Missed This Week

Featuring the Internet’s new darling, “apparently” kid, an adorable surfing seal, and a baby that loves Katy Perry.

1. Meet “Apparently Kid,” The New Star Of Local News

A local news channel interviewed young Noah Ritter at a county fair. This kid is clearly destined for great things. (1:33)

3. Commuters Push Train Off Trapped Man

This week in inspiring: The Australian commuters who freed a man whose leg was trapped by a train. Should restore your faith in humanity. (1:08)

5. Baby Seal Learns To Surf

A baby seal decided to get some surfing lessons. This is about as cute as surfing can possibly get. (2:08)

7. What Men Are Really Saying When They Catcall Women

Street harassment has been a hot topic these days. But we know what men are really trying to say when they catcall. (1:52)

9. Mom Films Adorable Time Lapse Of Putting Twins To Bed

You think you know frustrating? Try getting two very willful little boys to go to sleep at the same time! (3:14)

11. Sneaky Lion Cub Scares Daylights Out Of Dog

We dare you to watch this amazingly cute video just once. Bet you can’t do it. (0:21)

13. Baby Freaks Out When Katy Perry Comes On

This baby was a little bit fussy in her carseat. But as soon as Katy Perry came on the radio, she was all smiles! (0:39)

15. Problems Only Guys Who Can’t Grow Beards Will Understand

Welcome to Hairless Anonymous. This is a safe place where we don’t acclimate to an impossible male beauty standard. (2:06)

17. Obama Singing Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy”

Congratulations, Internet, you did it. We finally have Obama’s rendition of “Fancy.” (1:18)

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