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9 Of The Best Videos Of The Week

Featuring an adorable kitten rave, an inside look into the ever-elusive dishwasher, and the most amazing wimpy goat.

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So This Is What's Happening Inside The Dishwasher

Whoa, you guys, whoa! We can finally die knowing wth is happening inside the dishwasher! Way to go, humanity! (4:35)

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Adults Try Baby Food

THIS IS WHAT WE FEED OUR BABIES? No wonder they're always crying. (2:22)


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Kittens Raving To "Turn Down For What"

Listen, these kittens simply won't turn down for anything. Don't even think about asking them to. (1:23)

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Wimpy Goat Gives Us Everything He's Got

Prepare to fall in love. This baby goat might be the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time). (0:07)


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Guy Is Amazing At Snapchat

This guy is seriously an artist! He brilliantly uses Snapchat to cover popular songs and transform himself into everyone from Aladdin to Lil' Jon. (2:57)

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Wedding Dock Fail

Yikes. This wedding fail proves that weddings and water don't go well together. (0:10)


Talks Between You And Your Best Friend

You can talk about anything with your bff! Especially all the gross, perverse or straight up stupid thoughts you have on the daily. (1:39)

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This Will Make You Want To Never Drink Coke Again

This guy boiled coke to see what would happen. It's not pretty. (5:16)

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Biker Captures His Own Gunpoint Robbery

A biker captured this terrifying footage of his robbery by an armed gunman. It later helped lead to three arrests. (1:00)

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