8 Of The Most Important Videos Of The Week

Featuring a very jealous dog, a goat riding a guy on a bicycle, and the best little dancer you ever did see.

1. Dachshund Is Adorably Jealous Of Baby

This dog was feeling a bit neglected since the new baby arrived. So he decided to show everyone who’s the cute one around here. (0:15)

3. Toddler Dances Her Little Heart Out

This chunky li’l monkey’s moves are just too much. Show ‘em! (0:53)

5. Up Close And Personal With A Tornado

This dramatic footage was captured by oil workers in North Dakota this past Monday. You gotta see it to believe it. (2:50)

7. Goat Rides Guy Riding Bike

Look, goats like bike rides as much as the next guy. They just don’t feel like doing the work themselves. (0:31)

9. Love Advice To Your Younger Self

Romance never really gets less complicated. But a little bit of perspective goes a very long way. (2:24)

11. Man Eats Pizza While Working Out

Is this a win or a fail? There’s no way to be sure. (0:15)

13. You Have To See This Babbling Baby

Sure to put a smile on your face. Blaurgab glabababababa. (0:59)

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