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100 Years Of Family Dinner

Dinner is served.

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Mode is here to take us on a trip down the dining room table with classic Americana dinners and food fads from 1915 to today.

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In 1915, roast beef and Franconia potatoes were all the rage.

In 1925, families ate chicken à la king.

1935: Creamed chipped beef and buttered peas.

1945: Spam with a baked potato and lima beans.

1955: TV dinner.

1965: Chicken kiev with steamed carrots and potatoes.

1975: Cheese fondue.

1985: Sloppy joes with mac ’n' cheese.

1995: Beef tacos and refried beans.

2005: Sushi.

And finally, 2015: Grilled salmon over quinoa and kale salad.

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