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    • aault

      I’m a married 27 year old female. And I’m not quite sure why. Probably a mixture of the medicines I’m on. It’s very frustrating. We’ve always had an overly active sex life. We went to the porn convention in Vegas for our honeymoon. But for the past 8 months or so I have had no interest at all, to the point of wanting to cry when we do it. I don’t even watch porn and masterbate which is a huge change for me as well. If I didn’t want to have sex I would at least finish myself multiple times a week. It’s been months……

    • aault

      When I met back up with my husband after knowing each other as middle school kids, I was 17 and had a baby. I didn’t know her before, until we started dating. She immediately took my son in as her own grandchild and adored me as her daughter. We were teenagers, and I wasn’t looking for a replacement dad for my son, even though his father was not involved, I just wanted someone to hang out with. Years passed and we had a baby of our own. She drove to the hospital with us and didn’t leave our sides. We got married and 6 months later my husband adopted my son. She was so excited and present for the whole process including the court hearing. It was a big celebration confirming what she’d already felt since day one, he was her grandson. Not by blood, but in her heart. Years passed and she was always around or a call away. She was always such a giving person, even before her own needs were met. Sadly, on January 5th of 2014, which was my husbands birthday, we got the horrible phone call that she was found in bed unresponsive and was headed to the ER. The next day she was declared brain dead and we had some tough decisions to make. She was only 47. Though she died suddenly and unexpectedly, we knew she always wanted to donate her organs, her last gift to help others. She was so special to us, and the very best mother in law anyone could have had. She had a tough upbringing, but made sure her kids had everything they needed. We miss her dearly.

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