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The Hottest Animated Men Of Your Childhood

If you've never been attracted to an animated character, you're lying to yourself.

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1. John Smith

Lets start with the classics. My first love.

2. Aladdin

Prince Ali, fabulous he

3. Prince Eric

tall, dark, and handsome

4. Dimitri

5. David Kawena

mmmm, a man who understands the importance of family

6. Jim

He was definitely rocking the early 2000s look that I was totally into and was voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an added bonus

7. Shang

the strength of a raging fire is definitely in me now

8. Danny Phantom

Yo Danny Phantom he was just 14 and the hottest piece I'd ever seen...

9. Kovu

making you question your morals since 1998

10. Balto

I also stand by this one

11. Terry McGinnis/ Batman Beyond

what's not to love about Gotham's dark knight?

12. Zuko

Some of the best character development ever

13. Nightwing


nothing like a man with some swift moves

14. Flynn Rider

Ok so maybe he wasn't exactly from your childhood since this movie is only 5 years old but who cares?? That smolder!

15. Prince Naveen

Same with him…ashidanza!!

16. Howl

"Sophie…Sophie you're beautiful!"

No Howl, you're beautiful.

17. Ashitaka

So much angst. I love it when they're miserable.

18. Trunks

His arm game is over 9000

19. Gohan

Even though Saiyaman was a little ridiculous, Gohan was still my man. He took out Cell with one arm when he was a teenager and was just an overall bamf.

20. Hiccup

What happened to him between the first and second movies??

21. Kakashi

he's so hot he doesn't need a face

22. Mako

So ok, another one that's not from childhood but seriously…he's a fire bender because he's HOT HOT HOT

23. Bolin

(same as above) *insert quip about earth bending/attractiveness here*

24. Auron


silver fox.

25. Riku


wouldn't mind taking a paopu fruit from that hand

26. Cloud

that gaze sends me to cloud nine every time

27. Sephiroth

that molten stare takes me there

28. Link

He can wield a sword, he's courageous, he's a musician, and he doesn't talk. The perfect man.

29. Tuxedo Mask

The real reason I rushed home from school every day.

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