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Proof That Men Crying Is The Sexiest Thing Ever

"A single man tear slips down his face..."

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Jensen Ackles

He's the epitome of beautiful cryer. You can't teach the jaw clench.

Tom Hiddleston making me weak

Just linger on this a while

Chris Pratt showing his sensitive side


Gotta have some Benedict in there

Even high functioning sociopaths can feel.

Throwback to David Tennant


Jensen Ackl....Wait How Did This Get Here?

Idris Elba is definitely a silver fox

Kit Harington making me all hot and bothered

Bradley James, just yes

For those of you who haven't seen Merlin, you should get on that asap.

RDJ like a fine, fine wine

Will Smith always gets me

The World needs more Richard Madden

Whoops My Hand Slipped

Can we talk about Elijah Wood's eyes for a second though?

"I'm glad to be with you Samwise Gamgee, here at the end of all things." Dies...

Henry Cavill, this man is flawless

Jared Padalecki making my heart accelerate

He's like a chiseled puppy you just want to cuddle with

Daniel Dae Kim

Aaron paul ain't bad either

Chris Pine looking fine


LOOK At That Face

Sam Heughan


Be still my heart

Norman Reedus hits me right in the feels

When Daryl cries, I cry

Misha Collins

For all the Mishamigos out there

Leonardo DiCaprio


Breaking hearts since the 90s

Viggo Mortensen is truly a man's man

So beautiful

Stephen Amell was most likely sculpted by the gods

Michael Fassbender, do I even have to say it?

This takes me there


Luke Evans

He's like a second Orlando Bloom which bothers no one

Matt Bomer trying to keep it together

(and I am too)

Shemar Moore

Josh Holloway

This scene was too much

Rip My Heart Out

Jamie Dornan could bring me to my knees

This man is too much for all the right reasons

Charlie Hunnam

Orlando Bloom, this man will always be beautiful

Paul Newman


Have to add in some classics

President Obama


Even the pres can have a sensitive side

Jensen Ackles

This man is truly a gift


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