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    15 Reasons Link From "Zelda" Is The Perfect Man

    When I look into your eyes, I'm more lost than I was in the Water Temple.

    1. He's confident as hell.

    2. He looks great in uniform, no matter which color.

    3. He's got a body hotter than Din's fire.

    4. And if you're lucky he'll show you himself in beast form.

    5. He's athletic, and that's dreamy.

    6. He can wield a sword, and looks like a BAMF while doing so.

    7. And he's a skilled archer.

    8. He's an animal lover.

    9. And he's a musician.

    10. He's fearless — he doesn't possess the triforce of courage for nothing.

    11. But he also has a sensitive side.

    12. He almost always gives second chances.

    13. And don't forget he would die for you in a second.

    14. He's an ideal big brother.

    15. And while he doesn't say much, he's a great listener.

    Stay true to you, bby. <3