Keto Diets May Increase The Risk Of Diabetes

In the fast-forward world most of us want to get quick fixes to all our problems. In this pursuit of finding solutions, we often end up choosing something which may be good for that moment but can be harmful to the longer run. Most of us have followed a fad diet to lose weight, and we do not realize how bad they can be to our health. “Not everything that glitters can be gold”. These diets may be good for someone and can also have some hidden cons with it. Diabetes is one of the major health problems faced by the world which is a result of insulin resistance leading to higher blood sugar levels in the body. Insulin released in the blood is used to control blood sugar levels that include signaling the liver to stop producing sugar. When this system is impaired and the body is unable to utilize the sugar effectively, it leads to a condition known as insulin resistance. Although ketogenic diets are known to be healthy, some researches indicate that there may be an increased risk of insulin resistance with this type of diet that may lead to type 2 diabetes. They claim that in the case of ketogenic diets the process involved in controlling blood sugar levels does not work properly and there is insulin resistance in the liver. When the liver is unable to respond to normal levels of insulin to control blood sugar levels there may be an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The ketogenic diet reduces levels of insulin-like growth factor 1, which is important for childhood growth. The ketogenic diet has an adverse effect on bone health like many anticonvulsant drugs. Many factors such as acidosis and suppressed growth hormone may be involved. About 1 in 20 children on the ketogenic diet may develop kidney stones (when compared with one in several thousand). Many clinical trials and studies in animal models suggest that ketogenic diets provide neuroprotective and disease-modifying benefits for a number of adult neurodegenerative disorders and it may also help in weight loss but it could also impose adverse side effects as well if not followed under a professional’s guidance. So be wise and consult your Doctor or Nutritionist before following any kind of specialized diet regime. Happy Reading..!!

Aastha Jessica • 6 months ago

10 Gluten Free Tiffin Options For Kids

Feeling like a normal person after a food allergy is diagnosed can sometimes be a challenge. And if you are a parent of a child with Celiac disease or gluten allergy you are most likely to be completely overwhelmed with what is safe for your child to eat. Take a deep breath – as God has provided a huge variety of foods that can be eaten by your child safely. These 10 kid-friendly gluten-free breakfast/tiffin recipes supply protein, complex carbs, fiber and good fats - foods that provide sustainable energy for growing kids on gluten-free diets.

Aastha Jessica • 2 years ago

7 Myth Busters About Weight Loss

Weight loss is surrounded by myths and gimmicks. So much is said about losing weight that it can be hard to sort fact from fiction. Here's the truth about 7 common weight loss myths.

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Top 10 Easy Summer Beverages To Beat The Heat

Soak up the Sun this summer with these Fruit-filled, kids-friendly punches and shakes that are perfect treats on hot days. Celebrate the summer season with these essential summer coolers. Need some non-boozy options? Try our favourite.

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7 Superfoods To Charge Up Your Child's Immunity

Every mother is concerned about feeding her kids the best nutrition possible, introducing your child to superfoods can be a good start. Children have different dietary needs than adults. Maximize their nutritional intake with these delicious, kid-friendly super foods.

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10 Most Powerful Immunity Booster Foods

Looking for ways to prevent frequent colds and flu? Your first step should take you to your local grocery store. Feeding your body certain kind of foods will help to keep your immune system running strong. Plan your meals to include the following 10 powerful immunity boosters and you may increase your family's chances of fending off those bugs before they get anyone sick.

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7 Quick Tips To Keep Food Super Fresh At Summer Picnic

As the Summers approach and days get longer, so does the frequency of outdoor gatherings and picnics. What better way to celebrate a beautiful summer day than with a picnic outside at the park, at the beach or even in your own backyard. While the warmer weather is a perfect reason to dine outside, it also creates the ideal environment for harmful food bacteria to grow that spoil the food and causes food poisoning. Keep your picnic safe by following these simple tips.

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