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    8 Types Of The Worst Fuckboys In Cartoon History


    As kids, we always knew that certain characters suffered from some sort of assholery, but we didn’t have the terminology to describe them. Now that we do, let’s take a look back at 8 types of the worst fuckboys as shown in cartoon history.

    8. Nick Dean, 'Jimmy Neutron'


    Aside from that obscene amount of hair gel, and being an avid skateboarder, Nick was entirely too vain and often gave out the “I’m too cool for this” vibe. This type of guy is usually 10 times prettier than you’ll ever be, and boy do they know it. They rely solely on their looks to keep you interested and offer no substance whatsoever. You want to talk about the future, but they won’t, not because they don’t want to, but because they literally can’t even think about what they’ll do tomorrow, aside from styling their hair, of course. Boys like Nick Dean should be avoided at all costs, not only because they’ll undoubtedly break your heart, but because they'll also blame you for their shady antics. They’ll call you needy, or crazy, etc. Am I crazy or am I just onto you? Look out for boys who use those adjectives to describe women, because they can’t be trusted.

    7. TJ, 'Recess'


    Not only would TJ make for an awful partner, but he’s awful in general. He's a control freak, and the way he wears his hat backwards has douchebag prick written all over it. Boys who are overly confident (like TJ), have friends only because they have a certain "cool" factor. The thing with this type of fuckboy is that they are people pleasers, so you never know what you’re gonna get when it comes to them. Are they telling you the truth or are they just trying to get you back on their good side, so they can screw you over once more?

    6. Gerald, 'Hey Arnold'


    Gerald is not your average fuckboy. He’s smooth, charming and actually seems like a decent guy, but don’t let that facade fool you! He is the shadiest person on Hey Arnold, hands down, because his entire personality is all an act. He represents the sneakiest type of fuckboy there is, because he's so good at pretending. Guys like him seem pretty chill, so when this type of fuckboy asks you to split the bill you don't think much of it. Once those drinks start to wear off, however, you'll realize he's just a cheap bastard, who doesn't deserve you. Cut the Gerald's of this world loose whenever you get the chance, because like the wise philosopher and musician James Blunt once said, "You're beautiful" and you don't need that type of negativity in your life.

    5. Johnny, 'Johnny Bravo'


    The worst part about Johnny Bravo is his complete and total lack of self awareness. This "fitness is my life" fuckboy literally thinks the sun revolves around him. Boys like him are douchebags to the max, but because they’re so dumb they have no idea that their behavior is god awful. Don’t waste your breath trying to get them to change, because it won’t work. The only thing that can help this type of fuckboy is a bloody miracle, and ain’t nobody got time for that!

    4. Arthur, 'Arthur'

    Let's just start off with the obvious, shall we? This fuckboy hit his sister. Even Binky had to put Arthur in his place, and Binky was the school bully for fucks sake! If a school bully is questioning your behavior, something is very wrong. Boys like Arthur are normally well liked in their social circle, but being so uptight and nice all the time usually makes them snap. It's like a bad Lifetime movie waiting to happen. While this type of fuckboy does have potential to change 28% of the time, with enough therapy and rehab (don't quote me on that), I'd shy away from dating any Arthur's, because it's very stressful and definitely not worth your energy or time.

    3. Swiper, 'Dora The Explorer'


    We can all agree that Swiper is the worse, am I right? Dora is always just minding her business, and he just won’t leave her the hell alone! This is the hardest type of fuckboy to shake, as they’re super entitled. They think that just because you made eye contact with them or they sent you over a drink (that you didn’t ask for, by the way) that you owe them a blowjob, your first born child and a thank you. They take take take, but never give you anything in return. They’re like freaking dementors, always lingering around you and draining every aspect of the soul you’ve got left. If you’re in a relationship with someone like this, the only viable way of getting out is leaving town, Gone Girl style. You can thank me later under your new name.

    2. The Rowdyruff Boys, 'The Powerpuff Girls'


    I can’t be the only person who wanted to roundhouse kick The Rowdyruff Boys! Those boys thought they were so cool, until they got beat by The Powerpuff Girls, that is. The unique fuckboyism aspect about The Rowdyruff Boys is that they come in a pack, and yes, they know they’re total hotties. Though you may fall for guys that are just like these boys, I can guarantee that their misogyny (among other things) will get too unbearable to handle. For one, they're always hanging out with their lame douchey friends, and they never commit to a relationship, (which is basically How To Be A Fuckboy 101). They hide behind the fact that they don’t believe in “labels," which is an obvious lie, but at least you can look at the bright side. You can say you both weren’t official and lie to yourself that he meant "nothing," when you’re crying to your bestie in a club bathroom over him. It’s less embarrassing that way, tbh.

    1. Fiore, 'Sailor Moon'


    Don’t tell me you don’t remember this weirdo! Fiore takes the cake for numero uno fuckboy! He literally tried to kill Usagi (Serena, for you english dub fans), because he was in love with her boyfriend, (who is not only NOT interested in Fiore, but doesn't even remember him). Creepy much? He even gets weirder, because he actually thinks he has a shot at love with Tuxedo Mask, with this master plan. Talk about delusional! Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid the psycho, obsessive and highly sensitive fuckboys. Sometimes you won’t even recognize them until it’s too late. Just know that they’re out there, they're delusional, they're deadly and they're multiplying by the minute, so better get your block button ready.

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