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    Updated on Feb 17, 2019. Posted on Feb 15, 2019

    What Magic User Are You From Ilona Andrews’s Hidden Legacy Series?

    Warning: there are mild spoilers for the first three books in the series. The Hidden Legacy world is glamorous yet perilous. Magic determines everything: wealth, social status, power, marriage, and bloodlines. Magic users are separated by their relative power rankings: Prime, Significant, Notable, Average, and Minor. In this world, magic is more than a fun party trick. Primes can set cities on fire, summon terrifying fantastical creatures from the arcane realm, or compel someone to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets. If you lived in this dangerous magical society, what type of magic user would you be? Take the quiz to find out!

    1. Picture your arch-nemesis. If you could pick one way to kill them without any repercussions, how would you do it?

    2. What is the most important trait in a significant other?

    3. What's your perfect vacation spot?

    4. You've been kidnapped and are trapped in a dark basement with no sign of escape. What do you do?

    5. Your biggest flaw/weakness is:

    6. Your biggest strength is:

    7. What's your ideal first date?

    8. Your best friend tells you that your significant other is cheating on you and offers compelling evidence. What do you do?

    9. Your child tells you that they're being bullied and that they haven't told the teacher. What do you do?

    10. You and your betrothed are so stressed out by wedding planning. The merging of two Prime families is chaotic. What's your dream elopement?

    11. What's your favorite TV show?

    12. You're in a car and can only play one song for the entire trip. What song do you choose?

    13. What’s your favorite subject at Hogwarts?

    14. Choose your favorite mythical creature:

    15. Choose your favorite plant:

    16. What's your zodiac sign?

    17. Choose an element:

    Thanks for participating in the quiz! All the information about magic ranks comes from Ilona Andrews's website and the Hidden Legacy books. Check out their website at

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