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My Service To The National Campaign For Bernie Sanders

My Service To The National Campaign For Bernie Sanders Sociology: Social Problems Service Thesis

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My Service To The National Campaign For Bernie Sanders

Aaron R. Ziegler: February-April 2015.

For my service thesis for Sociology: Social Problems, I chose a very peculiar and altogether revolutionary organization that affects our society of the United States of America in the most transformative of ways. I volunteered as an official campaign worker who became a precinct captain of the electoral voting district of the Cherry Valley Area in Winnebago County for the 'National Campaign to Elect Senator Bernie Sanders for President, 2016.' Our focal point being the Northern Illinois area. The organization's goal was to promote Presidential elect for the United States of America, Senator Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic Party primary in the state of Illinois, one of fifty states to win the Democratic Party's nomination. To understand what the organization stood for, is to first delve into the individual we were working together in order to promote awareness of this outsider candidate to the symbolic interactionist icon and if observed objectively through the means of what the definition of the 'established status-quo' being in the opposition of the Establishment Candidate who the Power Elite will undoubtedly appoint as their Representative in the Federal branch of government in our foreseeable rigged democratic electoral process of choosing executives over the federal branch of the which this symbol also pertains to Federal Representatives.

The organization stood for the election of Senator Bernie Sanders whose platform for policies as president have been detailed thoroughly in order to prevent scrutiny. He is a 'Washington outsider' being the longest serving independent candidate in the congressional house of the United States of America. He is a self-proclaimed 'Democratic Socialist' or more-so 'Social Democrat'. He stands for what the rest of the Western World has in Higher Education and Healthcare as a right. which is an individual who believes in a form of sociopolitical and socioeconomic in which their society which has placed its concern for the people of its society first and foremost. The term "Democratic" is defined as, "government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system." A "Socialist" is someone who believes in "Socialism," which is: "a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc, in the community as a whole."

Presidential elect, Senator Bernie Sanders has stated well-formulated and planned out policies all made provisional by the allocation of taxpayer money on the social institutions that affect those in the society instead of reckless military spending. The Power Elite foolishly burned 1.5 trillion American taxpayer dollars that could have been used to promote the livelihood our citizenry but instead thrown into a 1.5 Trillion Taxpayer Dollars on Lockheed Martin's F-35. A stealth fighter jet that stands no practical use in aerial combat. This recklessness was made by the Power Elite. At the head of the Power Elite which at its head is the Corporate Institutions, notably the Global Banking Cartel most notably the Federal Reserve. A quasi-federal agency set-up by the Redshield family that is centralizing itself globally which the Military, the Federal government, and Corporate oligarchy in the Power Elite hope to accomplish. If one has researched the trends of countries the US has agitated with the influence of embargoes and use of force by invasion to accomplish this monopolization of the globalist centralized banking institution which has backfired drastically. A banking industry based on something called the petrodollar which only American currency (USD) is permitted in transactions. This came about during President Nixon in his dealing with the Saudi Arabian Royal Family to back all oil transactions in American Dollars which is truly what keeps the American Economy and Nation from collapsing.

Senator Bernie Sanders in raising the federal minimum wage to $15 USD per hour of labor for a living wage in comparisons to the minimum wage which is barely enough to survive upon. Reforming higher education of college and universities tuition and debt free. Since 1978, the cost of College and University tuition has been raised 1120% while the minimum wage has declined, adjusted for inflation the federal minimum wage peaked in 1968 at 8.54 (adjusted for 2014 dollars) to in 2014, the federal minimum wage was $7.25. In 1978 CE, a student could take a summer job and work 12-14 weeks to pay for their college tuition. In the today's age a student would have to work full-time job for an entire calendar year to pay for the average $14,000 year-round university tuition fees making it impossible for a student to take out student loans from banks which have interest on them making what sociologists call an 'indentured student.' Senator Bernie Sanders is very ecologically and environmentally friendly, his policies would end our crutch of a reliance on the primordial technologies which run on fossil fuels for more efficient green energies to combat climate change and would be a major change in foreign policy for oil companies are among the wealthiest corporate institutions.

Another policy although not often vocalized for in fear of assassination, if one were to observe the trend in this rising against the banking institution of the Federal Reserve which many would say it is a quasi-public entity who operates independently whose members are appointed by our Federal government when who are the ones appointing those in our Federal government with outrageous sums leveraged by numerous corporate entities such as Goldman Sachs to political candidates who are campaigning for office where a man like Senator Bernie Sanders is an honest man with character and integrity. Severing our ties with the Federal Reserve centralized banking system, the Federal Reserve is a separate and parasitic organization to our society which we will forever be indentured in servitude in order to pay off interest rates on the creation of currency and borrowing of wealth which is pillaging our nation.

Bernie Sanders stance on equality among races begins with his political activism which with all of his stances and beliefs have been egalitarian and unchanging in his goal end societal institutionalized racial prejudice and discrimination. In the investigatory journalist pieces comprised of David Webb's 'Dark Alliance' details when Lyndon B. Johnson proposed the war on poverty in his first State of the Union. The Conservatives came up with their own alternative by declaring a war on drugs by the President Richard Nixon administration in 1971. The Conservative President Ronald Reagan committed all-out blitzkrieg on drugs or the impoverished class to incentivize the 'Prison Industrial Complex.' A scheme of the amalgamation of the judicial system and corporate entities, so insidious that it jails mentally ill patients with what the DSM-V calls 'Substance Abuse Disorder', I'm specifically speaking of those who are addicted, not the dealers of hard drugs. If there is anything to be learned from the prohibition of alcohol is that it does not work, the Prohibition of Alcohol lasted from 1920-1933. There are arguments made by Conspiracy Theorists which their argument is, "that to aid in the incentivization of the Prison Industrial Complex was the United States of America that unfolded as the Oliver North Iran-Contra controversy. The specifics of this controversy is the arming of Contras or guerrilla fighters to destabilize Latin America during the 1980's which the Central Intelligence Agency green-lighted these Contras who profited off destabilizing Central America through guerrilla warfare by allowing them to help destabilize the impoverished minorities of the USA through allowing the Contras to utilize their form of Capitalism they specialized in which was drug manufacturing, smuggling, and trade of cocaine and its form of crack rock cocaine. This ushered in the Crack epidemic in the late-80's and early 90's which crippled the poverty class comprised of minorities to satisfy the Prison Industrial Complex where corporations pay prisoners cents on the hour to allow a much more severe form of economic slavery."

Senator Bernie Sanders also stands for universal healthcare which the current social institution of health care is appallingly overpriced to the point people of the lower middle class and classes below have to choose between death or living the rest of their life in debt. Senator Bernie Sanders believes health care is a human right not a privilege much like our contemporaries in the Western World which most have free healthcare to more realistically priced medical services especially in the case of medication and the use of saline in hospitals. A bag of saline the hospital administers to its patients costs $1.07 (USD) to produce which is charged for hundreds times that price even in cases of prestigious health insurance companies which that cost fluctuates from insurance company to insurance company in what is charged. Senator Bernie Sanders cares deeply about women and the pay wage gap, the bias against women as the largest subjugated minority, the large-scale failure of men who sired yet refuse to raise their own children evident by their absence, has caused the social problem women face which is known among Conflict Theorists and their Feminists Theorist comrades know as the "Feminization of Poverty." Senator Bernie Sanders has a valid and sound policy on every issue that faces or could face or society.

In the current state of our society of the United States of America which has many severe issues even within the zeitgeist of an epidemic which has ran rampant in the form of narcissism and anti-intellectualism which is destroying our Western culture and civilization. I have continually see a philosophy of egoism, objectivism, nihilism, and anti-intellectualism tear this country apart. Lowering the bar and standards on what it means to have a meaningful life in American society that I believe that the concept of the 'American Dream' can only be believed by those who are mentally asleep. When I worked with this organization, I was appointed by a National Campaign for a Presidential Candidate precinct captain of Cherry Valley area of Winnebago County in Illinois. I went canvassing door-to-door in a heavily conservative neighborhood in my off-time to the campaign, to have door after door closed in my face. I was appointed the Student Representative of Winnebago County to attend a student conference for Bernie Sanders at Northern Illinois University where I gave an exemplary presentation of what a student who is a political campaign worker and activist looks like that I had been appointed to lead Northern Illinois Students in canvassing and raising awareness in the Dekalb County area. I would march with my fellow campaign workers through the streets of downtown Rockford where I was handed the megaphone to speak the profound words of the rebels, revolutionaries, and political philosophers before me with my own heartfelt rhetoric which others were astonished by my charisma. I was also noted by my peers for my brilliant intellect and profound charisma for I do not fear speaking what's on my mind or what is in my heart for they always align to speak the truth. While canvassing, I won conservatives over with my knowledge of Christianity, theology. My knoledge of Ayn Rand, her philosophy, I would make parallels to how if Jesus Christ ran for president I would correct other Christians by what Jesus really thought and did about his own policies and would probably be crucified for his beliefs all over again. Almost All Major Religions have nothing to do with God or a higher power and more-so become tools for mass control, they are the religious distributors of sedatives for the masses. If politics is the majority that is preached instead of Spirituality with a force higher than oneself. That man at the pulpit is a man of lawlessness.

I am an ideologue to Democratic Socialism, Humanism, and Egalitarianism. The prejudice and discrimination against DemSoc is horrendous just because it contains the term, "Socialism." This is laughable, America is still reeling from the McCarthyism Red Scare on MK-Ultra levels, I find it so funny that I jokingly tell people that, "I am a Cultural Marxist." I am as great of a social scientist as I am a comedian. I would go to the campaign headquarters and refer to my supervisor as "Comrade Groucho Marx" in a Russian accent with bits of Russian vernacular thrown in for humor. My satire is directed at the American social-conditioning and social-consciousness of what is and what is not Communist. From my Marxist humor, the discussion of the fascist totalitarian dictatorship veiled as "Communism" under Joseph Stalin's ideology in the governing of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was a totalitarian dictatorship with Communist elements under what is known as, "Stalinism." which is Totalitarianism that does not resemble in the slightest of what Marxism, Socialism, or Communism even is. The Soviet Union as a Communist government is a lie set-forth by charming opportunistic despots, from the Soviet Union and the Capitalists who profit off the remembrance of a facade nation-state that claimed to be "Communist." When people overlook the fact that Leon Trotsky should have become General Secretary of the Soviet Union which probably would have changed the way we see Marxism, Socialism, and Communism forever. Marx is the father of Conflict Theorists and I am proud to call myself a son of his ideology. The truest forms of socialist governments have been found in Europe, in particular, Scandinavia, the happiest and most wealthiest countries on earth. The countries of Scandinavia utilize the same form of political ideology shared in belief by Senator Bernie Sanders as 'Democratic Socialism.' What I learned is that the American intellectualism is not dead, it has just been engulfed by anomie for our society's popular opinion or herd-minded social-conditioning is that it is more than socially-acceptable to be a proud idiot without the need of any sort of education because the Power Elite truly does not care about us. As for myself, despite my prestige as a Senator Bernie Sanders supporter who works as a beloved social-engineering and social-networking propagandist or 'admin' on numerous politically Liberal, Progressive, and Humanistic ideologue websites. Losing the Illinois Primary has not impeded on my support for Senator Bernie Sanders, it has strengthened it. I have learned that no matter what, I will always look forward to the future to believe in a better future, not just for me, us. I believe a political revolution is coming as well as a spiritual revolution for the zeitgeist of the American consciousness. Ani Ma'amin.

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