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    46 Scenes From The Islamic State In Syria

    The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham has been setting up proto-governance in a number of places in northern and eastern Syria.

    1. Posters in al-Raqqa advocating the work of the city's Sharia Courts

    2. Free medical clinic in Jarabulus, Aleppo

    3. Preventing tobacco products from passing thru Bustan al-Qasr

    4. Entrance to the town of Jarabulus on border with Turkey

    5. Transporting water for Muslims in distress

    6. ISIS headquarters in the 'Islamic Emirate of Jarabulas'

    7. Boxes of aid to locals

    8. Military Training Camp 'Abu Musab al-Zarqawi' in Rif Dimashq

    9. Destroying a Shi'a place of worship

    10. Bags of food for people for Ramadan

    11. Ad in al-Raqqa promoting the niqab: 'My modesty...the secret of my beauty'

    12. Meeting in Aleppo

    13. The Furqan Institute for the Teaching of the Qur'an in the city of ad-Dana

    14. Da'wah meeting in Manbij

    15. Providing Iftar in a number of mosques in al-Tabqa

    16. Distributing free food 'for the needy' in rural Aleppo for Eid al-Fitr

    17. Outreach to children in Aleppo

    18. Distributing gas to families in al-Tayana, Deir al-Zour

    19. Parade in Aleppo

    20. Institute for the Sciences of Shari'a in Atarib, Aleppo

    21. ISIS shari'a committee headquarter in ad-Dana

    22. ISIS headquarters in al-Raqqa

    23. Confiscating and destroying alcohol in al-Raqqa

    24. Distributing dates to the needy in Atarib

    25. An ISIS police car

    26. Training in Ghuta

    27. Distribution of aid in Zabadani

    28. Outreach efforts to people of Atmeh refugee camp

    29. Da'wa office in the Karamah refugee camp

    30. Da'wa meeting in Manbij

    31. Taking down the cross on top of a church in al-Raqqa

    32. Then replacing the cross with the black flag on top of the church

    33. Shari'a court in rural Latakia

    34. Qur'anic lesson with children

    35. Patrolling Yalda, Rif Dimashq

    36. Syrian schoolgirls (with the ISIS schoolbag)

    37. Police patrol in ad-Dana

    38. Aid for the people of Aleppo

    39. Public execution of an Alawite soldier

    40. Madrassa run by ISIS: 'Shuhada' Jarabulus'

    41. Entrance to ad-Dana: 'Thanks for your visit'

    42. Books used in ISIS' new curriculum (tawhid, fiqh, and behavior) in al-Raqqa

    43. Da'wa tent at refugee camp - Idlib

    44. Distribution of relief materials in Azaz

    45. Entrance to the town of Darat 'Izza: 'welcomes you'

    46. Municipality of ad-Dana