Why Gay Men Rule At YouTube

At times Youtube may feel quite daunting, but never fear. Your gbff (gay best friend forever) is right around the corner. Here are 9 reasons why gay men make the best youtube videos.

1. They’re great to look at.

Davey Wavey is in a state of undress in all of his videos. I doubt he receives any complaints.

2. They shed light on important social issues.

Even if GIF form, you can’t deny the cuteness of Tyler Oakley’s lisp. I’m convinced, let’s fight H8!

3. They let you know when you need to get your shit together.

Drag Race alum Willam is no stranger to letting someone have it! He takes no prisoners on Willam’s Beatdown.

I mean they’ll really let you have it!

Miles Jai takes no prisoners. And we love him for that.

4. Did I mention they were great to look at?

Daveo Falaveo. Tounge. Hat. Swoon.

5. They share our dreams.

Or at least our childhood dreams.

6. And they’re the best performers.

Todrick Hall is giving us High School Musical realness.

7. They always have a fabulous friend on hand to interview.

B Scott chopping it up with Ashanti.

8. And they never shy from telling us what’s on their mind.

Tyler’s a Directioner just like the rest of us.

9. But most importantly they inspire us.

What the Buck reminding us all to be ourselves.


So if you’re thinking about surfing youtube, do yourself a favor and check these guys out. They clearly know what they’re doing.


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