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Fraternity Requests Gay Picture Be Taken Down

The tumblr Fuck Yeah Gay Couples is a forum that celebrates the love between gay men in monogamous relationships via pictures blurbs. However a recent post featuring a gay fraternity brother has sparked some controversy.

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The tumblr is an account that glorifies gay male relationships and celebrates it with collections of pictures and small captions detailing the love these men have for each other. Some of the relationships are fairly new, and others are long term, but it is clear that the focus of the account is love. The mission statement is very clear, and states, " Our mission, however, has always been to promote love by publishing real viewer-submitted pictures, essays, etc. of male-identifying partnerships." Unfortunately when a "National Fraternity Headquarters" caught wind of a brother being featured on the sight in his Greek letters, they made it clear they were not ok with being associated with such an account and requested the picture be taken down. Though it is not clear whether this is a legitimate organization, the sentiment is very clear. The person that submitted the post however, was having none of that.

This is the photo being disputed. It was posted by the tumblr account The original caption read, "Pie a #dchi #deltachi #boyfriend he is lucky he is cute"

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