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    Posted on Oct 4, 2016

    BuzzFeed Presents Mary Cruz: Actress Of The Year

    The Media is crammed with stories about child stars that have struggled to cope with the pressures of fame and the transition into the adult world. From going off the rails to social media scandals, their cracks are seen by the public and mostly on an international scale. But for successful British Actress Mary Cruz, who landed her first TV role aged thirteen her saving grace comes in the form of her family.

    “My family has always been there to guide me and keep me focused throughout my career- also more importantly as a women, keeping my morals intact. Not every opportunity in the entertainment industry is worth taking. It is really important to have strong direction and know what you want to achieve, honestly I think that this is the key to success”.

    Rising to prominence and fame as Maria in iconic BBC series XChange and YCTV’S Game Show at just the tender age of thirteen. Mary has been performing since a very young age also having appeared in the production of Romeo and Juliet at the historic Bloomsbury Theatre in London’s West End. She received nothing but praise from by the British media.

    Also performing as the lead ‘Antigone’ in the theatrical production of Sophocles’ Antigone at The National Theatre when she was selected from 5,000 actors across the UK to be part of the National Youth Theatre. She then went on to star in the production of Humanity at the Cockpit Theatre together with the elite IAG Acting Group.

    “The industry is extremely challenging. I think Acting picks you, not the other way around. You have to prepare for constant rejection and plans falling through- because trust me, plans fall through every single day… but you just have to keep going, its part of the charm I suppose”.

    Mary always had a passion and strong talent for music so she began to star in countless music videos receiving Millions of views all over the internet, for artists; Too Short, Desiigner, Bridgit Mendler, Skepta, Wizz Khalifa. She became one of the most sought after actors in the world, starring in the most popular music videos around the world.

    Mary then went on to land a lead role in the hit movie Special as ‘Patti’ by Award Winning Director Ann P Meredith and also the movie U.Z.L.A as the lead ‘Padilla’ that premiered at the Sunscreen Film Festival 2014 by Award Winning director Dallas King.

    Always delivering a terrific performance in all of her work as well as juggling reoccurring roles in TV series Caso Cerrado for Telemundo (number 1 Latin American network) and El Vato for NBC Universal. As well as having a starring role in the world of ‘New Media’ Web projects, starring in Black Dossier and Trapped at a BBQ.

    Mary then attended an audition with Mosaic Worldwide Studios’ Vice President Daniella Flannagan, which changed her life forever. After giving a killer audition she was offered the lead role of Essie in the movie Confessions of Isabella. Confessions of Isabella is based on a Mexican-American sister duo and addresses conflicts in Isabella’s (played by singer Alexya Garcia) turbulent relationship with Essie (her fiery sister) and her boyfriend Antonio (played by Alejandro Bravo).

    “Words can’t even describe this experience,” she says on landing the life-changing role.

    “I’ve always wanted a role that would take me to Hollywood and this is it. Even when I got to LA I didn’t know the enormity of the role, but the film is about my character.”

    Confessions of Isabella has already caused up quite a storm with great reviews across the board. Mosaic Worldwide Studios founded by Hollywood Actors Trina McGee and Marcello Thedford also won an award for The Best Urban Movie at the Garifuna Film Festival in Los Angeles earlier on this summer for Confessions of Isabella. The production duo is known for their creative approach on Urban Movie Making.

    Born in Central London, Mary grew up in West London bilingual in both English and Spanish. She recalls her love for acting originating from when she did countless theatre productions at Rugby School in the UK. She then we on to train at the most prestigious acting academies including Arts Educational Schools, Sylvia Young Theatre and Italia Conti in central London. She admits that the Hollywood scene took some adjusting too.

    “The role was deep,” she says. “I had to really prepare mentally and physically. My character was a very passionate and required a lot of physical aggression, something I am not really used to. I also had to perfect my Mexican-American accent which was a bit challenging but I think I got it right.”

    Mary was given a personal trainer, voice coach and physical combat instructor.

    “The Voice coach who taught me, has taught Selma Hayek and Jennifer Anniston so I was in good hands. I had good people around me,” she says.

    In a very competitive industry, Mary continues to conquer the industry starring in Desiigner’s latest music video “Terry Turner” directed by award winning Darren Craig- The single already receiving over 45 Million Views on YouTube. Mary has already been cast as the lead in the sequel Confessions of Isabella 2 and The Neighbor both by Mosaic Worldwide Studios. We cannot wait to catch a glimpse of these movies!

    As well as having a successful acting career Miss Cruz prides herself on giving back to the community and more importantly, the world. She was asked to represent the ‘Not On our Watch’ charity founded by Hollywood legends George Clooney, Matt Damon and Don Chealdle, performing a cabaret style performance at their charity gala in London.

    Mary is a fresh breath of air for Hollywood, a unique British actress whose prospects are endless. She looks forward to relocating to Los Angeles on a permanent basis and conquering it with great force. She is an exemplary actress and that is why we call her our Actress of the year.

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