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1D Fans Tweet Suicide Rumours

#RIPLarryShippers is currently trending after a Channel 4 documentary left fans distraught.

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On Thursday night, Channel 4 broadcast a documentary in the UK titled 'Crazy About One Direction', which purported to show an in depth look at the more extreme One Direction fans. The type of fan shown was primarily 'Larry Shippers'. (After some research I found that a 'Larry Shipper' is somebody who 'ships' the idea that Louis and Harry are a couple).

Since the documentary, Twitter has been abuzz with Directioners proclaiming the deaths of between 14 and 42 'Larry Shippers' due to the footage's content, citing hate mail, threats and general embarrassment.

Liam Payne, a member of 1D, hit back at the film stating "We couldn't give a **** what any documentary says there(sic) dramatised for entertainment and full of ********."

The Documentary claimed to show fans who were prepared to chop off limbs or kill kittens to meet the members. However, Channel 4 has since issued this statement: "Channel 4 and the filmmakers took the utmost care to prouduce a documentary with genuine affection and respect for the fans."

As with most fandom-related Twitter outrages, it seems to be unfounded . So far, not a single suicide has been confirmed.

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