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    14 Guerrilla Marketing Strategies That Won't Cost You A Penny

    Well, maybe a penny. But not much more...

    When we think of the word marketing, we often think of expensive advertising, like TV ads, print ads, or radio ads. It feels that to market right, you have to spend a ton of money.

    But there some often overlooked marketing strategies that don't have to cost much. Here are 14 ideas, from prominent marketers, about how to successfully market your product without spending a penny...

    Don’t sell, instead help

    Always ensure that the customer is satisfied

    Customers are better at marketing than you (part 1)

    When in doubt, talk to your customers (part 2)

    Send a personalized “thank you” note

    Leverage Controversy


    Locality matters more than you think

    The more you give the more you get


    Hire an outsider

    Share Trade Secrets

    Focus on existing clients