Here Is What Today’s Eighth Graders Want To Be When They Grow Up

These hilarious, very probably Photoshopped yearbook aspirations come courtesy of Tumblr user itsobviouslysalmon.

1. First there are the future K-pop stars.

4. “Future Wives of One Direction of America Club.”

7. Drake is getting married (he just doesn’t know it yet).

8. And J. Beebs is going to be a one-woman man too.

9. These guys are out to start some sort of flamingo-centric business.

13. Then there are these two sworn enemies.

15. Of course, there are a lot of reasonable, down-to-earth future careers too…

20. … along with some vaguer ambitions.

21. But who knows about these kids.

25. Jaki’s aspiration, though, is the most universal ambition:

26. Based off of this Tumblr post.

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