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21 Maps That Show How People Run In Different Cities

See how people run from Los Angeles to New York to Paris.

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Flowing Data collected data to discover what paths runners take in different cities in the U.S. and Europe to see which routes are the most popular.

1. Atlanta, Georgia

2. Boise, Idaho

3. Charlotte, North Carolina

According to Flowing Data, "people like to run by the water and in parks, probably to get away from cars and the scenery. In the smaller inland cities, there seem to be a few high-traffic roads with less running elsewhere."

4. Chicago, Illinois

5. Columbus, Ohio

6. Dallas, Texas

7. Lincoln, Nebraska

8. London, United Kingdom

9. Los Angeles, California

10. Miami, Florida

11. Minneapolis, Minnesota

12. New York, New York

13. Paris, France

14. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

15. Salt Lake City, Utah

16. San Francisco, California

17. Sydney, Australia

18. Tokyo, Japan

19. Toronto, Canada

20. Venice, Italy

21. Washington, D.C.

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