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20 Striking Portraits Created Through A Unique Father-Son Collaboration

Photographer Timothy Archibald spent several years collaborating with his autistic son to create a series of haunting photographs about discovery and understanding.

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Echoliliah is a series of photographs taken by Timothy Archibald in collaboration with his son Elijah while he was between the ages of five and seven.

The process involved turning over the creative direction to Elijah, which allowed Archibald to take photos that had a sense of discovery. Archibald also describes his son as behaving in a way that he couldn’t make sense of.

After the project began, Elijah was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. Archibald describes him as a communicator, but also having a fascination with doors, gears, and things with a repeating ritual.

According to Archibald, the project became “the search to understand what makes [Elijah] tick… with his unique way of being in the word.”

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