13 Clever Signs That Will Make You Want To Buy A Book

    Kaleido Books in Perth, Australia really makes an art out of shop signage.

    1. A book is actually just a Tardis.

    2. You can get the new seasons of Game of Thrones before anyone else!

    3. No new night clubs.

    4. Watch out for the banned books.

    5. Actually, you better beware of all the books.

    6. Buy some books written by some dead guys.

    7. Be better than you were being better before.

    8. Get everyone you know a book for Christmas (again).

    9. Instead of reading Fifty Shades of Gray, you can read fifty facts about sexuality.

    10. Don't break the spines on these books too badly.

    11. Kurt would approve.

    12. When in Rome...

    13. Nothing's better than signs that are just plain helpful.