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  • Thermaltake Tt ESPORTS Challenger Pro Keyboard Reveiw

    So you now have your high end PC and you want to play some games but you feel let down by your keyboard and mouse? Tt eSPORTS have the right gaming setup for you. If you want a high-end mouse then the Tt eSPORTS black is the mouse for you with its low-end price unlike the Roccat Kone [+].

  • Xigmatek Utgard Case Review Edit

    The Utgard is the first case we’ve seen from Xigmatek, a manufacturer fairly popular in the world of cooling. The Utgard’s name stems from Norse mythology meaning an area surrounding the stronghold of the giants.

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Patches Released!

    As many of you know the release of Black Ops wasn’t exactly that succesful on PC. The numerous bugs combined with extreme lag made the game pretty much ‘unplayable’ online. It was so bad that increased sv_maxrate to 25000 across all servers just to reduce lag.

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