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Sidharth Malhotra Got Attacked By Twitter While Promoting #AGentleMan

Twitter always make sure to give the best reactions, while today when this was such big day for #RamRahimSingh case, the young hunk of Bollywood for surely has became the victim of the Verdict. Sidharth initially asked from the people of Haryana to stay safe and later promoted his movie where he asked to catch his movie coming up really soon, which actually made him the victim of trolls today.

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This was Sidharth's Actual Tweet

To all the people of Haryana , please stay safe. Hope you can see our film soon #Agentleman #PeaceAndLove

He attacked on his whole movie career

@Raggi03 @S1dharthM Doesn't matter. Nobody watches his films either...

And someone dragged Sachin

On Point.

@S1dharthM There Are People Dying And All You Care About Is Your Movie?Are You Really That Stupid Or Just Acting?…

Surely not a gentleman thing

@SirJadejaaaa @S1dharthM Irony: title of the movie is gentleman but he ain't one!

Relationship being dragged too

@S1dharthM Alia ke Saath rehne se yehi kuch Hota hai😂

its KRK fan here

@S1dharthM Kbhi kbhi shi review deta hai ye


@S1dharthM 10 लाख भी नही कमाएगी तेरी मूवी..चुतिया

@S1dharthM Did you seriously just try to plug a film via this disaster? Play it back in your head and tell me it wa…

Meme Guy !


@S1dharthM Zyada gym karne se teri akal ghutno mei chali gayi hai

@S1dharthM Sidharth malhotra promoting his film 😹😹😹 #RamRahimVerdict #RamRahimSingh

And now some genuine love and prayers without thought of #AGentleman

Its really sad to see the situation worsen since morning and see people in Punjab and Haryana and prayers.

To people who are commenting on my morning tweets,they were made before the verdict ! Thoughts n prayers

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