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    • a1988snow

      I dont understand why people are so shocked and surprised that the police would kick in the door. If you refuse to comply with a lawful order, they are entitled to enforce the law. Lets assume the WORST…. these two had been beating their teenage daughter for an hour, torturing her, burning her, cutting her, and throwing her down the stairs, repeatedly. The cops get a call cause the neighbors hear the screams. The cops show up. The people inside gag the daughter and explain to the police that there is no domestic violence going on. SHOULD THE POLICE LEAVE? They have a legitimate complaint and evidence. They are obligated to INVESTIGATE. The couple were offered a chance to come out. Instead they interfered with an INVESTIGATION and suppressed evidence. If the call was a fake, if the couple was “Swatted”… then the police are obligated to investigate the call. And what about the HISTORY this video doesn’t show. Is this the FIRST domestic violence call they have responded to? Or are they out here every weekend? Did the guy have a camera THIS time cause the police on his lawn asking him to open the door is a REGULAR event? I need more facts

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