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Out Of The Box: A Colorful Lesson On Togetherness

Art of Hearts, Inc. presents: "Out of The Box", a colorful children's book we can all relate to, about the beauty in our individuality and the power of our collective impact.

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Brown Crayons; one of the lesser liked Crayola Crayon colors, yet also one of the most useful crayons in the box. The shade is real. Crayola does a survey every year of the most popular Crayola Crayon colors. Blue has topped that list for the last two years, followed by red, violet, green, carnation pink, black, turquoise blue, blue green, periwinkle and magenta... (see! Fact-check me).

Poor Brown Crayon, without whom we wouldn't be able to color in trees or soil, or people accurately.

Out of the Box: A colorful lesson on togetherness, tells the tale of Rusty, a Brown Crayon, who has just joined Ms. Boxy's class of creative crayons. Each classmate has his or her own spunk and uniqueness about them, and while we learn about each crayon, we also get to follow Rusty on his journey of trying to fit in and find his place within this colorful group of characters. The lessons of celebrating our uniqueness, while embracing the power of collective impact resonates with all of us! Want to know how the story unfolds? Pre-order your copy of Out of the Box TODAY!

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