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Private Schools And Racism

To any African American parent whose kids go to a private school or thinking about putting their kids in a private school, then power to you. I'm just telling you what you would be putting your child through into if you put them into a private school.

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You hear it all the time, African American child talking about how they get mistreated at their school because of their race. But do you know where all of this connects to? Private Schools. For years now racist white parents are taking their children out of public schools because the number of people of color is rising at public schools in America. But why are they doing this? They're doing this because white people have always been the majority that has gone to private schools, especially in the south. Even African American students are being discriminated by their class mates and their teachers. Now, If you're an African American parent and if you have to choose between a public school and a private school, I would highly recommend a public school for the safest environment for your child.

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