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This Is Why Rogue One Wrapped Up All The Loose Ends About The Battle Of Yavin 4 In "A New Hope"

The original trilogy is what brought us all this awesome cultural phenomenon known as Star Wars, and really it's become something that's beginning to unite us all around the globe over a common interest. Butttttttttttt...there's still one major issue with the original movie, A New Hope, and that is that it was filled with plot holes right from the start. The biggest ones were probably at the end with the Battle of Yavin 4/Battle of the First Death Star/whatever you want to call it. Ya well Rogue One just basically got rid of all of them. And here's how...

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First You Need To Know WHAT Those Plot Holes Were With the Battle of Yavin 4


The major ones are:

1) The Death Star's fatal design flaw that the Empire should've totally noticed, and couldn't have possibly missed it!

2) Grand Moff Tarkin using the Death Star instead of just simply a gigantic Imperial Fleet (or even an entire armada).

3) Grand Moff Tarkin forgetting to bring a Imperial Fleet even if he did decide to use the Death Star.

4) Grand Moff Tarkin not even bothering to have informed the Imperial Fleet (or anyone else for that matter) about this battle and just where exactly is the location of the rebels' HQ...nor having a backup plan setup wherein he sends out a distress signal/death signal in case he did fail so that someone else can come and finish the job (hopefully)

(OK, basically, the point here is that Grand Moff Tarkin was a complete moronic fail of tactician/military commander)

NOTE: These are obviously not going to be the only plot holes here with the Battle of the First Death Start, but there's no point in listing out anymore of them because you can honestly go on and on into a nigh-infinite spiral of smaller and smaller details until you completely REK the movie apart. After a certain point you just have to accept that no writer/creative artist is going to be able to make a perfect imaginary universe since we're all human and thus fallible (also you can certainly see how we, humans, are not perfect in real life...and that many 'plot holes' in real life exist too such as real life military soldiers and combatants making fatal mistakes that cost the lives of their men and themselves really you can argue that because these things happen in real life the plot holes in the movie may not necessarily even technically count as plot holes; but let's just all leave this to now and stop getting bogged down in semantics...I really only said that to play Devil's Advocate). But the issue here isn't whether or not the creation was perfect but rather how perfect or how flawed the final product is and if it can take truly take us all away to "a galaxy far, far away" to the point that we are, more-or-less, able to suspend our disbelief for long enough to forget about the real STOOPID student debts and that kind of crap! So ya...just chillax and realize that these are the major plot holes, and now that they are wrapped up we can all forget about them.

Why the HAIL Did the Empire NOT Notice that Hilariously Epic Fail of a Design Flaw in the Original Death Star???


OK so there's a tiny little hole in the Death Star where if you put some 'damaging weapons things/explosives' that it causes the entire thing to EXPLODE like nuclear ordinance.


Well that doesn't make any sense at all!

The Empire should not have been dumb enough to make this flaw in the first place.

(You are talkingabout an evil galactic empire who has all the resources associated with such a gigantic entity. They should have had access to intelligent enough engineer/architects/builders who would not have made such a ridiculous mistake)

I mean really this is the equivalent of the U.S. Navy building a new SUPER-DUPER-UBER-ULTRA-MEGA-TOTALLY-KEWL-AND-AWESOME AIRCRAFT CARRIER, and then having a terrorist sneak onboard the ship, pick his nose, and flick a stinky little booger down a toilet drain while it's flushing...and...BOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!

What the Hail right?

But here's the explanation...



So it turns out that the Empire didn't so much as 'miss' this mistake, but rather that the guy making the damn thing intentionally put it in there to troll the Empire.

But that's not the end of this particular 'sub'-plot hole.

Some of you may have come up with the counter-argument that the Empire should've still saw it anyway.

*counter-arguments follow*

1) The Empire is like Super Big Brother or Ultra NSA or UBER KGB...whatever analogy you want to use, doesn't really matter it's all the same thing in the end anyway. So if they were creepin' on the guy the whole time how did they miss it still???

2) The Empire also had other scientists/people working on this thing (hey it's a team effort after all right?). So why didn't those guys notice it either???

And here's why:

Answer A: Galen Erso managed to gain the trust and the confidence of the Empire in the first place. He even mentions this in the movie when we see the hologram that he sent to the rebels and to his daughter. He specifically says something along the lines of:

"I knew that the Empire was never going to let me go and that they were going to force me to do this one way or the other...or have simply found someone else/another way to build the damn thing anyway. I also knew that when they didn't turn you up as a hostage to leverage over me to their service that you either escaped or died. Either way, I knew that my only chance of screwing them over on this Death Star thing was to gain their trust, make them think that I had brainwashed myself into becoming an Imperial Ultra-Loyalist once again, and therefore have them leave me alone. That way I can figure out a way to do some 'griefing' on them by jacking up their stoopid superweapon. And I finally settled on building a design flaw that would ensure its complete and utter destruction if it were ever exploited. I've managed to keep this a secret from the good ole' Empire, and now I've decided to take a chance as this is my last and best opportunity to set my plan in motion to defeat the Empire by exposing this vulnerability to the right people...either the Rebel Alliance or YOU (if you were still alive that is...which is why I addressed this message to you)! Yes I did take a chance that you might not have been alive, but it was a gamble and I was gambling that you were, indeed, still alive and that you were going to be my best hope of getting this message through and thus eventually completing the mission I set out so long ago. Which is to...blow...dis...ting...da...PHOOK...UP!!!!! ( mad Empire??? I got you good Empire, you betches!!!)"

So ya...Galen Erso pretended to have turned back to being an Imperial Loyalist, and he played this act so well that the Empire just decided that there was no point in watching him every step of the way.

Also, it's possible (and plausible even) that because of how TREMENDOUSLY complex the Death Star is, and how difficult it is for even the most genius of engineers to comprehend its architecture that EVEN IF the Empire did creep on him...they wouldn't have understood just what the HAIL that he was doing half the time. And the Empire probably realized this as well so that's probably half the reason why they also decided to say "Ehhhh phuck it! Just leave the guy alone, and let him do his work. He needs to be able to concentrate completely and fully on this thing anyway. Let's not take any chances by distracting him."

Bottom line is:

That Galen Erso engineered this lethal and showstopping flaw into the Death Star on purpose!

Which is how the Death Star came to have this comically fail of a vulnerability into it.

Answer B: The other scientists/engineers/builders/architects/etc. missed the exhaust port flaw because Galen Erso likely made sure that they just simply never worked on or even saw that part of the blueprints/plans/build/whatever...or he was so smart and clever in his design that they just glanced right over it and missed it completely.

So another issue that you might've noticed is that even if the Empire didn't send someone specifically to spy on Galen Erso and his plans then why didn't the rest of the team working on it catch it?

I mean...there's no way that they would've turned traitor too!

The chances of there being more than 1 traitor amongst the Death Star team is EXTRADORDINARLY unlikely and implausible. So we can basically toss that theory out.

But then that leaves the question of...if the other scientists were loyalists (or at the very least they would've turned Galen Erso in for fear of their own lives/wellbeing) then how did they miss it?

I mean, the Death Star took like what? 10 or 15 years to design and build? And it was obviously not done by one man himself since we even see other scientists/engineers in the movie itself.

And it would also make sense to have a lot off collaboration and cooperative on this thing to ensure that one person's mistakes can be picked up by others. It's always a good idea to have more than one person ensuring that project is done right (really this is a concept that applies to like everything not just some fictional engineering in a fictional universe, but we do it in real life too! Our real-life engineers/architects oftentimes submit their work to government authorities to ensure that all safety precautions are being met...and then you have things like just regular people asking for a second opinion from doctors and what not soooooooo yaaaaaaaaaa...Death Star team should've been watching out for each other so-to-speak).

You consider this fact and it will necessarily mean that there must've been at least one other builder overlooking Galen Erso's part(s) of the project if not more engineers even!

So why or how did they miss this damn thing???


Because Galen Erso had complete and full control and authority over this project!

He was the head honcho on this thing which means that as the Director/Final Authority on the project itself he could've easily disregarded this principle and ordered the other guys to simply focus only on their parts of the project to ensure time efficiency...or something like that. After all, remember how they were already behind schedule on the thing in the beginning of the movie. That could've been Galen making everyone do their own double-checking and thus lollgaggying as well as hiding his little exhaust port vulnerability thing. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone right? Troll this Death Star thing and then troll the Empire by phucking around and making the Empire wait for this damn thing and thus allow the Rebellion time to gain momentum and the numbers and military might to actively resist the Empire in addition to buying him time to figure out what to do next after he puts this flaw into the design.

So there!

There you have it!

How the Death Star got this unbelievably fatal design flaw in it.

OK next...Grand Moff Tarkin trying to 'solo' the rebels.

Why Did Grand Moff Tarkin Try to 'Lone-Wolf' the Rebels, and NOT Have ANY Assistance???

First, you need to understand why this is actually a legitimate problem/mistake in the first place.


OK so look.

This is actually a very true and legitimate concept and procedure and just sort of a 'best practices' in the military.

Yes, in our real life military we teach and always use this same thing.

Even right from the and raw recruits in Army Basic/Marine Boot Camp/etc. all are taught the importance and absolutely dire necessity of having a 'Battle Buddy' (forgot the term for the other branches...Army word here to be exact), and more always do everything and be everywhere with your Battle Buddy.

And this same principle is applied throughout one's career all the way to the end and across the entirety of the military.

Really, what this idea boils down to is that:

1) It's a terrible idea to do anything by yourself.

2) it's a bad idea because...if you are all alone and something goes wrong then you are screwed, and there's likely no way to avenge you or to fix the original problem in the first place that led to this whole chain of events. It may even be that nobody will ever know what happened to you...ever heard of the term MIA (missing-in-action)???

Infantryman use this in combat all the time. Soldiers/Sailors/Marines/Airmen and even Coastguardmen (I'm pretty positive I just made up that word BTW, Lol) and Law Enforcement also utilize this procedure.

You ever notice that in documentaries, non-fictional/real life accounts from real combat veterans all go something like this:

We got into a fight, and we let the other guys/command know what exactly is going on.

Or have you ever noticed that law enforcement on those same kind of 'reality TV' (it really feels kind of weird to use that term to describe shows like Cops BTW...whatevs) always radio in whenever something as simple as even a speeding ticket happens? Or maybe you noticed that in real life when you got pulled over for driving like a jackazz, because you suck at driving and you really need to chill da phuck out and slow da phook down!

Well, if you take all these things into consideration then you realize that Grand Moff Tarkin should've done the exact same thing!

He should've let other people know where he was going, when he was going there, what exactly he is going to do once there, why he was going there, and just how exactly he planned on getting there..

Certainly, he shouldn't have done this thing where he just went off on his own, and been all secretive and 'cloak-and-dagger' about it.

Now you may be thinking:

"Ya but dudebro. This is another universe and maybe they don't follow the same practices as we do...???"!

That is not true at all!

And that 'counter-argument' has no merit and holds no water at all.

Here's why:

The military of the Star Wars universe is definitely 'similar' to ours. It's an accurate thing to say that they are based off of our military in real-life.

Things like:

1) How they use combined arms assaults like we do in the form of infantry coordinating together with armor (AT-ATs and AT-STs) and aircraft (Rogue One does an admirable job of showing the ground troops on Scarif getting shielded against those giant behemoths when friendly X-Wing fighters come in with an airstrike to protect their guys).

2) The beginning of The Empire Strikes Back where the rebels are defending against an Imperial ground assault by using trenches and a 'line' of troops are obviously a science fiction version of a 'Throwback Thursday' to the tactics of WWI soldiers who basically did nothing but fight in trenches. Soldiers who endlessly, ran back-and-forth from friendly trenches to enemy trenches, and charging the enemy's positions or retreating back to their own (falling back even further if in imminent danger of being overrun in their current position and unable to hold or maintain that specific defensive line...King of the Hill brahs!!! If you realize that you can't take the guy then you need to take a step back and figure out a way to bring the mudaphucka down!)

3) Their space and aerial combat definitely resembles that of 'old school' dogfighting techniques from pilots of times past.

4)Even their larger ships like capital ships...such as Star Destroyers and the SUPER Star Destroyer (that specific ship was quite significant in the 'in-universe' lore of Star Wars BTW); oh and that capital ship OF THE REBELS in Rogue One at the end all follow combat styles clearly reminiscent of the type of naval warfare that we engaged in prior to the invention of and widespread use of aircraft carriers in WWII. During WWI fighting between naval 'Dreadnoughts' was almost exactly like what you see in many of the on-screen battles between ships in Star Wars. Basically, they approach the enemy in the desired formation (if they can), line-up/place themselves as best possible to their advantage (again, if they can), and then start blasting away at each other like a Turkey shoot. The movies may have included semi-'modern' tactics such as the type of fighting that would happen between multiple aircraft carriers (should that ever real life that is), but even if you incorporate this you realize that it's still similar to the military we have in real life.

5)Oh and lastly...the most infamous and probably spine-chilling one that George Lucas took inspiration from was naming the Storm Troopers after the real-life WWII notoriously dangerous and just straightup EVIL mudaphuckas known as...Hitler's SS!!! :( <----- they sucked!!!

SIDENOTE: Yes, it's true that this whole 'Storm Troopers to SS' thing isn't quite accurate, but it sounds kewler and honestly it's really not all that much of a stretch of the imagination to say that George Lucas took inspiration from the real-life "Schutzstaffel" but simply decided that the English term of "Storm Troopers" sounded better for his purposes. And yes it's true that the Schutzstaffel were more of a paramilitary organization dedicated to Hitler's personal protection as opposed to being more of a 'conventional' combat unit. Other fellow military history enthuisasts will point out that the "Sturmtruppen" and "StoBtruppen" units of WWI(that's World War in...the first one) were closer in name and terminology at least (and in function as well in all honesty); likewise, the actual technical term of "Sturmmann" is the more literal and commonly translated word of "Storm Trooper". However, those are minor details of little importance for our purposes and for Star Wars overall. So you'll simply have to accept that this will remain the case.

Anyway, I'm going to stop my 'armchair generaling' and end this particular sub-point here with the conclusion that: (1) The military of Star Wars obviously mimics that of our real-life military, (2) that our real-life military would not have gone 'solo' on the rebels with the Death Star, and that (3) the Star Wars military (of which Tarkin is no exception) follows our real-life military 'stuff' closely enough that they also wouldn't have made that same mistake.

Now why don't I stop screwing around here with all the background information and showing off of military knowledge and storytellerism, and just simply tell you the answer to the original question of why this all happened.

Why Did Grand Moff Tarkin Try to 'Lone-Wolf' the Rebels, and NOT Have ANY Assistance??? (cont'd.)

The easy answer would be that...HE WASN'T THINKING STRAIGHT!!!

OK but seriously.

Here let me explain, because it really is that simple when you boil it down to the barebones.

There's actually multiple 'sub-parts' to this 'answer', if you will, but there are several specific 'reason' that falls under the overall umbrella of "he wasn't thinking straight".

So here they are:

1) Grand Moff Tarkin was already intimidated at the beginning by the Emperor, and was starting to get a little 'screwy' up in the noggin. We see at the beginning of the movie that he was sent by the Emperor to basically ask Director Orsen (spelling???) Krennic just "what the Hail was taking so long???" Obviously, this means that the Emperor was already getting impatient, and when he gets impatient everybody starts freaking out! I mean, sure, Krennic was likely the one that was more screwed than anyone else, but the expression that "$hiet rolls downhill" definitely applies to this situation. And it definitely applies to both Orsen Krennic and Grand Moff Tarkin as well. As far as being scared of the Emperor PWNING them should they keep pissing him off!

So right away we know that Tarkin was already on edge and anxious about getting things right.

Now he was seemingly able to keep his composure at the time, and thus we can reasonably assumed that although he was a little nervous it wasn't enough to make him lose his 'kewl' and thus compromise his decision-making ability.

(I just want to mention Tarkin's ability to keep his calm demeanor and level least in the beginning, is also a reflection of and in line with what I mentioned earlier about the Star Wars universe being similar to our real-life military. In real-life, military personnel, and partiuclary officers, are constantly drilled from the start to maintain what's commonly known as "military bearing". Basically, this is a fancy way of saying "keep your emotions under control, keep them from showing, and just sorta remain calm, controlled, collected, and disciplined at all times". Obviously, not everyone will be able to follow this strict practice all the time, and certainly there will always be a breaking point for everyone. Whether any given military personnel actually ever reaches their breaking point is largely up for conjecture, but it certainly stands to reason that while Tarkin likely was taught and exercised the same/a similar concept this whole 'Emperor getting pissed thing' was beginning to make that particular pillar crumble.)

But too bad for him that a few things later on down the line really kind of pushed him over the edge.

2) Grand Moff Tarkin saw and really wanted the opportunity to prove himself to the Emperor, and to gain some 'brownie points' (if you will).


Right after that whole thing about Tarkin betching at Krennic for taking his sweet time, and how Tarkin himself was likely unnerved too. We see that the Death Star does, indeed, work.

Krennic fires the Death Star at Felicity and Co. down at the Capital of Jedha and the whole place gets leveled. Krennic has now proven that the Death Star does have its value and use, and he now knows that he can impress the Emperor with its strength and might and power.

Ya well so does Tarkin.

And right away Tarkin upsurps the entire project and command of the Death Star to himself. Obviously, he sees a chance to improve his stature and standing within the Imperial Fleet/military, and he isn't going to let it slip away.

So now we have 2 reasons for why Tarkin was emotionally compromised and thus had his decision-making ability 'damaged'. He was anxious from the Emperor being impatient, and he was actually eager to undo that 'weight' on his shoulders once he saw the potential to do so with the Death Star.

In fact, if anything, he actually should've been even more emotionally compromised than he would've been otherwise if those 2 things had happened independently of one another and not so close in time to each other.

If there had been more time between both events then he likely would've calmed down a little bit and gathered his wits about him, but since they happened so close together he got overwhelmed by his personal feelings too much!

And there's how Rogue One pretty much explained why Tarkin tried to solo the rebels in the original movie.

Because he let his own personal feelings guide his action and not his 'better' judgement.

But that's not the end of it.

As I've mentioned earlier, there's more to the story of how Tarkin failed so epically.

Why Did Grand Moff Tarkin Try to 'Lone-Wolf' the Rebels, and NOT Have ANY Assistance??? (Pt. III)

Right about now some of you may be thinking that Grand Moff Tarkin, despite the previous 2 things mentioned, still would not have been compromised enough to have made those tactical mistakes he made later on when attacking the Rebel Alliance at Yavin 4.

And you'd be right actually.

At this specific point in time...Grand Moff Tarkin really wasn't yet compromised enough to be not thinking straight.

Which is why I'll now explain how the rest of the story did eventually lead Tarkin to making those fatal mistakes that led to the destruction of the first Death Star and his own death as well.

So here's the final part of the equation to the downfall of Grand Moff Tarkin and his STOOPID Death Star thing.

Which is...


Oooooooooh the suspense...

What is it???

What's it going to be???


Can't wait anymore can ya?

Can ya??

Can ya, can ya, can ya, can ya, can ya?!?!?!?!??!



To elaborate let's look at the background information and facts leading up to the battle first.

We already know that Grand Moff Tarkin was kinda losing it from the 2 reasons mentioned above. Maybe he didn't show it, but they certainly didn't help.

Now here's something else.

See, Grand Moff Tarkin is not an opportunistic sociopath. That is to say that Grand Moff Tarkin was not made into the high-level rank that he was because he was simply thinking about himself and used the Imperial Navy's structure/career ladder to get ahead in life. Basically, he didn't get to the level of Grand Moff because he was doing it for his own selfish ambitions...nor is that the reason why he joined the Imperial Navy in the first place.


Grand Moff Tarkin got there, and joined the Navy in the first place, because he was a diehard Imperial Loyalist and Ultra-Conservative believer in the first place!

In simple terms, he wanted to be there.

Now this may all seem a little irrelevant.

Ya well it's not.

This is completely relevant, and it's relevant because it means that Grand Moff Tarkin would've reacted very negatively and very strongly to the attack on Scarif and the battle that took place there.

Because he's a loyalist and actually likes the Empire and blah, blah, blah he pretty much got very upset and angry and enraged at the rebels for such open defiance of the Emperor and the Empire.

And I mean, if you really think about it, that was an outrage really!

Maybe not morally or because they were the 'good' guys, but certainly politically in-universe.

Long story short, the Empire rules with an ironfist and basically nobody dares defy them or even express discontent with the Empire. In fact, even the mere existence of a Rebel Alliance (no matter how secretive) is an affront to the Empire as well as just sort of a huge shock and surprise to everyone within the universe of Star Wars. But they took that one step further in Rogue One.

They OPENLY engaged the Empire in full-scale combat!

And they did so on a very important planet/base/installation. It's not like it was some $hiethole in the middle of nowhere/backwater place in some no-name part of the galaxy that nobody gives a $hiet about. It was Scarif for Chrissakes! It was the location where pretty much any information important to the Empire was kept!!!

So for the Rebel Alliance to both assault the Empire in plainsight for everyone to see, and for them to pick such an important target would've certainly meant that a lot of people would be shaken up by this of which was obviously going to be Grand Moff Tarkin.

Oh and the fact that the rebels actually WON (LOL YOU MAD EMPIRE?) the fight and then actually managed to make off with their newfound prize made it even worse for Imperial Loyalists such as Tarkin.

This is clearly an OUTRAGE for the Empire!

Surely, they would not tolerate such insolence, defiance, and just overall disobedience to their authority and indominable rule. And obviously, this would necessarily imply that Grand Moff Tarkin would be one of the most, if not the most upset and angry about this 'incident'.

(Almost forgot to mention that there is another factor to the equation of the rebels succeeding at Scarif...which is that even if Grand Moff Tarkin felt no peronal inclinations about the loss he still would've been pushed over the edge because of the simple fact that he now has a very LEGITIMATE reason for why he needs to hurry the phuck up and PWN those rebel scum!!! Because they did make off with what's probably the most valubale piece of Imperial classified information, which is the Death Star plans of course! I mean obviously they need to get it back right? Obviously...)

So finally, we see now that Rogue One has adequately set the stage for Ep. 4 as far as Tarkin's role in it. We finally understand why Tarkin and just exactly how Tarkin become so uncharacteristically incompetent later on. We see the chain of events that led to his judgement being compromised, and they are actually very reasonable as well as very plausible plot points for why Tarkin went into full-blown dumb@$$ mode! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...LOL YOU DIP$HIT!!! TROLLED YA!!!

To Sum Things Up

1) The Death Star had a fatal design flaw because Galen Erso put it in there on purpose to troll the Empire.

2) Grand Moff Tarkin used the Death Star by itself (instead of using the Imperial Navy) because he saw an opportunity to show off and make himself look good in front of the Emperor by showing the value of the Death Star and that does work...he was trying to take all the credit for himself basically.

3) Grand Moff Tarkin didn't bother to call in the Imperial Fleet alongside the Death Star because he was finally pushed over the edge of his ability to make competent tactical decisions and just a sound judgment overall by the Battle of Scarif which was the last factor in a long chain-of-events that emotionally and psychologically 'broke' his head (so-to-speak, LOL)!

4) And by extension of that last reason it also became the final factor as to why Grand Moff Tarkin didn't have some kind of 'contingency plan' where he sends out a distress signal/S.O.S./an "OH $HIET WE DED MUDAPHUCKAS, YA'LL BETCHES NEED TO COME OVER HERE AND HELP US BY FINISHING THE JERB FOOLS!!!"

And THAT'S ^ how Rogue One finally tied up all the loose ends of the original Battle of the First Death Star/Battle of Yavin 4's plot holes.

Oh and Ughhhhhhh...THIS SUX!!! BTW...

Wowowowowowowowow...dude are serious right now!?!??!?!

Today 12.27.2106 phucking BLOWS!!!

This is some BULL$HIT!!!

Peace out Princess!!! I'll see ya around...*sadface*

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