9 Things That Happen When You Go To A Master's Degree In Something Technical From A Liberal Arts Background In Undergrad

This is what happens when you decide to study something 'technical' in grad school after having majored in something 'useless' during undergrad. NOTE:I'm obviously being sarcastic when I label a Liberal Arts degree as useless, considering that I majored in Psychology. But I also know that there's going to be enough people out there who can't pick up on the blatantly obvious joke that I'm referencing here. Ya know...the one that those so-called "smart and successful" kids in the Engineering departments used to throw around like candy. That's right engineers, I'm calling you out, specifically!

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1. You see things that you haven't had to deal with since like Freshman year of college. / Via

Remember those Gen-Ed courses back from Freshman (possibly Sophomore) year of college? Like Calculus or Finite Math.

Remember how much you liked those?

Well, too bad...because they didn't get easier with time, nor did they get more interesting with maturity (haha!!! Maturity...oh that's a good one).

2. end up seeing concepts that you haven't seen since high school even! / Via

Quadratic functions, "What is 'f' of 'x' when 'x' is equal to frickin' whatever!", and things like the Sieve of Erasthenes.

Will likely pop up either in class, in the damn textbooks, in your big boy (or girl) homework, or just when you're browsing around the internet trying to cheat...excuse me, trying to do a Google search to educate yourself more on the basic principles of your subject material.

3. Half the people in your classes majored in this stuff during undergrad. / Via

OK engineers! We get it think that we're all stupid and lazy and that all we did in undergrad was party and screw around during our 'easy' Liberal Arts classes while you guys totally worked uber hard on yours and clearly deserve some kind of like award or something like that.

Anyway, putting all sarcasm aside and what not, it's true that A LOT of your peers are going to be way more familiar with the subject matter than you probably will be, because they actually did major in undergrad in this stuff or something similar.

And that's probably going to make you feel like a fish out of water, but keep a positive attitude and hang in there!

(I'll come back to that little tidbit later)

4. And the other half are probably working REAL jobs, in REAL LIFE, with a REAL career, and making REAL money...also most likely in a related field/industry. / Via

Self explanatory, but I'll break it down for you anyway.

See not everyone goes DIRECTLY to grad school mere seconds after walking down the aisle for regular college.

Some people work in these things called jobs/careers (I heard the second one sounds better when talking to people in social situations) for a little while, and then go back to grad school either part-time or full.

Usually their company has some kind of benefits package setup where they are actually getting their grad school paid for...or these people just saved up the money on their own. Whatever the case is...know that these guys come in all shapes, sizes, flavors, backgrounds, etc.

Some of them go out of their way to make everyone around them feel bad by passively-aggressively bragging about how soul-sucking their six-figure career really is and how much of a grind it can be, others are actually really cool and try to help you as much as possible because they see a reflection of themselves in you and see this as a sort of abstract way of correcting the mistakes they made at your age, and there are still even guys who totally don't care about interacting with ANYONE!!! They show up in class, get the work done, and leave with the kind of carefree attitude that can only come from someone who's reached the ultimate stage of DGAF-ness. (Google search that if you don't know what it means).

Oh and there's also people who did go to grad school right after graduation from undergrad and are also working real jobs too...same rules apply.

5. It will make you come to terms with some harsh truths that you'd rather not deal with. / Via

Alright, I'll admit it, OK!? Maybe, just maybe I should've at least considered majoring in something with a little, teeny, tiny bit more real-world value and application.

Or... the very least I probably should've at least done something in my spare time to learn a skill or two outside of class that probably could've boosted my resume a little bit maybe.

There! I said it. OK engineers. You win this happy?

Cool, OK now you want get a beer for $1 beer Wednesdays at...I don't know...Kincade's?

6. You'll probably question whether or not this is your thing, like every other day. / Via

Yes, that's WILL ask yourself " this really what I want?", and you'll also probably wonder to yourself "...I don't know, I just don't know..."

Don't give up and don't quit. You've made this choice for a reason, and presumably it's because your gut/heart is telling you so.

If that's the case, then stay the course and keep yourself on the straight and narrow and remember to stay focused, motivated, and disciplined. You'll be fine.

OK now if you just did this on whim...then none of what I said applies.

And you SERIOUSLY need to figure things out, this is not undergrad anymore, you are not some college boy/kid, you cannot afford to make mistakes anymore, this is serious, are you getting it yet? Or do I have pimp-slap you across the face as hard as I can through my computer monitor and out yours with a hefty dose of pessimistic realism?

7. You're probably going to want to give up half the time. / Via

So in order to keep that negativity thing going on that I had with the last one...I'm going to keep being negative!!! Because everyone likes negative people with negative attitudes. #Sarcasm

Let's get back to it now shall we?

This one is kind of sensitive so I'll start from the beginning.

Remember how I mentioned that a lot of your peers might give off the impression that they're somehow better than you, academically speaking at least?

How about what I just said about you questioning whether or not you're really cut out for this type of stuff?

Well, that's all just a bunch of negative self-talk...for the most part.

Sure it'll be hard, and ya your social life will have to take one for the team. You might even be struggling and have no idea what the crap is going on in your homework, maybe you even zone the Hell out during class. Any of this sound familiar?

It should, because that's like what everybody did during undergrad, and high school, and before that even...unless, ya know, you're like...some kind of like...prodigy or something.

Anyway, the bottom line is that it's perfectly normal to go through these phases, it's merely a stress reaction/emotional response to new changes in your life and new changes within your own brain and how your training it to do something totally different. These are merely psychological responses and they're to be expected, but most importantly...THEY ARE NOT YOU!!!

They do not represent the real you, and what you can do. So for your own sake and for the sake of your that shit down brother!

Or I'm going to have to go back to that whole bitch-slapping thing through the iPhone/iPad/Android/Laptop/Desktop/Tablet/Whatever screen.

8. You're going to get a crash course on what the difference is between a Subsidized Loan and an Unsubsidized Loan...and just how debt works in this country and how much it totally BLOWS!!! / Via

In a nutshell, sub loans means that you don't get any interest while you're still in school. Unsub means that you get interest no matter soon as you borrow the damn thing.

Ya, this part sucks, and ummmm, I really don't want to talk about it.

9. Here's a GIF of some puppies because I didn't want to end it on a bad tone, and because I'm all out of wisdom. / Via


(If you want more puppy GIFs...go to and just type in 'Puppies' in the search bar)

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