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7 Places NOT To Travel To On Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day draws closer, take a look at the top 7 places in the world NOT to travel to on 14 February with that special someone.

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7. Venezuela

While the country’s capital city, Caracas has lost the title of world’s most violent city in recent years, current statistics show that Venezuela’s capital city has now taken first position as having the highest murder rate in the entire world. Travellers are encouraged to avoid this destination as tourists are prime targets for the city’s dangerous gangs who are known to kidnap outsiders and hold their families to ransom. This is one place you don't want to jet set to on Valentines Day unless you have face tattoos and gold teeth.

6. Afghanistan


The current Afghan government has very little control over the country, which is still a war zone. Terrorist attacks on hotels and embassies still happen frequently and the Taliban now control more territory than they did before American military forces began their war against the country in 2001. I’d definitely avoid a romantic getaway here.

5. Australia

Everything tries to kill you. Australia is a beautiful country, but I can’t trust a place where spiders drive 4x4s and alligators stand next to you in the post office. Ok, maybe you could have a perfectly good Valentine’s Day here. Just avoid outdoors at all costs and tape over the vents.

4. Somalia

Somalia is a country without control, with a government funded by the west that lacks power and authority. The country displays chaos with no central policies to tend to vital services like repairing roads, stocking hospitals and employing teachers. Gangs run the streets with accessibility by westerners to the country almost impossible, with those who do travel into the country’s grim setting being accompanied by security at all times.

3. Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are the second most densely unpopulated places on earth. For somewhere that had so many people fighting over it for so long, there’s no cash points, McDonalds or even a decent nightclub. I’m not entirely sure why anyone would go here never mind on a date.

2. North Korea

With the country’s frequent nuclear tests and threats to the west, North Korea is one of the most feared places on earth. The country is communist, ruled by leader Kim Jong Un and has been known to monitor the phone conversations, internet activity and hotel rooms of foreigners to the country. Not ideal if you’re looking to have a relaxing stay in a private spa resort.

1. Antarctica

Antarctica is the coldest place on earth and doesn’t have any cities or villages as 98% of the continent is covered by ice and largely uninhabited as a result. The population of Antarctica is made up of scientific researchers, those of whom account for around 1,000 of the population in winter and 5,000 in summer. Your partner might get pretty annoyed if they didn’t pack any jumpers for the trip.

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