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6 Reasons Why Mjolnir, Thor’s Hammer, Is The Most Practical Superhero Weapon

Mjolnir is an awesome weapon to have in battle, but it is also great for every day life as well!

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1. Obvisously Mjolnir is an excellent tool for builiding things

It is a hammer after all / Via Google Images

It is a hammer after all

2. But Thor's hammer is not only great for building... / Via Google Images

It can destroy the heck out of some Rainbow Bridges

3. Mjolnir can also be a great way to install electricity / Via Google Images

And possibly cable if you wield it right

4. It is also the best item to play catch with / Via Google Images

It's like the perfect boomerang!

5. It can also be used as an excellent paper weight

Or Loki weight? / Via Google Images

Or Loki weight?

6. And most importantly, Mjolnir can give you the power of flight / Via Google Images

Can Captain America's shield allow you to by pass traffic? DIDN'T THINK SO!

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