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7 Weekly Habits To Get Your Shit Together

Don't overhaul your life, just use this checklist to feel a little better about your life each day.

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So you've made it a few weeks into a new life change and you are struggling to keep up. Whether it's a decision to eat better, workout more, or whatever, if you're going from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds, you're not going to keep up with whatever new habits you want to adopt.

Enter in the weekly checklist — it's an easy way to work your way up to overall improvement but doing it at your own pace. I was inspired by my Book Club's eight-week prep for our upcoming cruise, but I realized it could be used for long-term lifestyle changes (HT Jessica).

Below is how I've adapted the checklist, as well as a PDF you can make your own.

1. Start Easy: Read!

Emily Jasper

Naturally when you start with a Book Club challenge, reading is going to be on the list. But not everyone has time or motivation to read. To help make it a habit, you can:

* Set a reading time, such as before bed

* Get a library card (you can even check out digital books)

* Find a book that is enjoyable, it's ok if it's a guilty pleasure

* Get book tips from your friends

* Try reading Kindle Short Reads for a quick start

2. Eat Healthy

Emily Jasper

If you didn't already try the BuzzFeed Clean Eating Challenge, you can! But you can also find easy recipes from bloggers, coworkers, and friends. If you don't cook a lot, try to find simple meals that also leave you with extras for lunch or the freezer. Get started by:

* Making a Pinterest board from recipes you've found by searching "healthy", "clean eating", or "one pan"

* Lead a lunch challenge at work where people bring in seasonal dishes

* Post a Facebook request for your friend's favorite healthy recipes

* Ask your S.O. for meal tips

3. Get Creative!

Emily Jasper

I used to paint, but it's so messy (especially in small apartments with dogs), so I loved when coloring got cool. You will be surprised what kind of creative energy you have when you do something artistic just for you. But you don't just have to color, you can:

* Go for a photography outing

* Sign up for a Paint Nite with friends

* Learn how to draw a comic

* Make some jewelry

* Order a craft kit online

4. Workout (or Just Get Active)

Emily Jasper

This is probably a sticky one if you don't work out regularly. But it's easy to start small to get active. You might also be surprised if you try lots of different ways to get moving:

* Take a walk with coworkers

* Play an active video game (Wii is still a crowd pleaser)

* Go bowling with friends

* Try out yoga

5. Take Time to Play

Emily Jasper

Whether you have puppies, kitties, kids, or roommates, give yourself an excuse to have fun! Taking 15 minutes to blow off some steam will brighten your day! You can:

* Play catch (it's a classic)

* Break out a board game

* Find a new toy to play with your cat

* Put together a puzzle

6. Keep it Clean

Sometimes all you need is a clean place to come home to at the end of a busy day. If you clean for 15 minutes a couple times a week (and keep things relatively neat other times), you'll save yourself the four-hour Sunday cleaning session you dread all weekend. Easy ways to keep tidy?

* Wipe the bathroom counter after each shower

* Never leave dishes overnight (unless you need to soak something)

* Take out the trash sooner rather than later

* Sort and throw out expired items from the fridge

7. Find a Personal Project

Have something you're just dying to try? Make it a personal project and try to work on it several times a week. Here are a few ones that might be ways you can start small (but don't be afraid to think big):

* Learn a new language

* Take a free online coding course

* Volunteer at a shelter

* Walk your neighbor's dog

* Sing in front of a crowd


Emily Jasper

You can print off this checklist and update it as you go. You might not eat healthy five days a week, so start with three. Enlist a friend, too, it'll give you a buddy for the gym, coloring, and trying new things.

Good luck!

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