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10 #AskHerMore Questions For 2016's Oscar Ladies

While fashion and frittata are fun, let’s get real on the red carpet with 10 #AskHerMore questions for the ladies at this year’s Academy Awards.

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1. Cate Blanchette: Carol (Actress in a Leading Role)

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Knowing women often have to live up to expectations with family, career, or love, how important are these stories of women trying to find their individuality?

5. Kate Winslet: Steve Jobs (Actress in a Supporting Role)

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Why do you think young women need to see you portray Joanna, a strong woman in technology, especially when compared to an iconic figure such as Steve Jobs?


The #AskHerMore campaign inspires people to call out sexist reporting and suggest ways to re-focus on women's achievements. - See more at:

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