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    17 Blue Foods To Eat During Tomorrow's Super Blue Moon Eclipse

    According to EarthSky, on January 31st the blue moon will pass through the earth's shadow giving us a total lunar eclipse. It is the first blue moon total eclipse in 150 years! So, why not celebrate by making one of these beautiful blue foods?!

    1. Merry Mertinis

    2. Blue moon Leo smoothie bowl

    3. Blue ramen

    4. Aqua breakfast bowl

    5. Mermaid toast

    6. Blue mint majik latte

    7. Blue tea

    8. Galaxy doughnuts

    9. Chocolate peanut butter macarons

    10. Blueberry galaxy pops

    11. Blue coconut snowballs

    12. Blueberry vegan cheesecake

    13. Magic blue noodles

    14. Blue milkshake

    15. Blue cabbage bowl

    16. Baby blue cake

    17. Blueberries!

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