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17 Blue Foods To Eat During Tomorrow's Super Blue Moon Eclipse

According to EarthSky, on January 31st the blue moon will pass through the earth's shadow giving us a total lunar eclipse. It is the first blue moon total eclipse in 150 years! So, why not celebrate by making one of these beautiful blue foods?!

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1. Merry Mertinis / Via

Get it, mertini... like mermaids. The blue in these guys comes a mix called blue latte which contains sea minerals, blue superfoods and adaptogenic herbs. Mermaids are said to come to life during a full moon. That's just science.

2. Blue moon Leo smoothie bowl / Via

Stars & Leo make a dreamy combo in this blue smoothie bowl. "a FULL moon lunar eclipse in Leo electrifies the skies"

3. Blue ramen / Via

This blue ramen will have you over the moon!

4. Aqua breakfast bowl / Via

Ok, chia seeds are kind of weird to me. That gummy texture. But, I might change my mind for this. I mean that is just beautiful!

5. Mermaid toast

Elevate that toast right up to the super blue moon!

6. Blue mint majik latte / Via

This healthy and perfectly lovely latte gets its blue hue from spirulina!

7. Blue tea

Ok, flying from Alabama to Sydney for this tea would be a little extravagant, right? ...or would it?

8. Galaxy doughnuts / Via

Galaxy themed and all shades of blue. Um, yes, please!

9. Chocolate peanut butter macarons / Via

Get in my belly, immediately!

10. Blueberry galaxy pops / Via

These have me lost in space... to infinity and beyond!

11. Blue coconut snowballs

These beauties are vegan and adorable, not to mention shaped like little tiny blue moons.

12. Blueberry vegan cheesecake / Via

Layers of delicious, blue, creamy goodness make this the perfect companion for the lunar eclipse.

13. Magic blue noodles / Via

These deep blue noodles change to a vibrant pink when lemon juice is squeezed on top!

14. Blue milkshake / Via

This dreamy blue shake has me ready for a moon watchin' party!

15. Blue cabbage bowl

Get all your nutrients as you gaze at the moon with this veggie miso bowl!

16. Baby blue cake

Instagram: @toplessbaker / Via

If you really want to go all out to celebrate the blue moon eclipse, why not bake an extravagant cake?

17. Blueberries!

And last, but certainly not least. If you want to keep it simple eat a bowl of fresh blueberries as you watch the blue moon eclipse!

For more information on the blue supermoon eclipse visit!

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